One May Learn From Watching Movies Everyday

10347804_10152811967541915_1262672616279833426_n11014654_10152812366726915_6283925309690731438_nOver a decade ago at this point I worked at a bookstore. For several reasons one customer had a mystery around him. I will get into one reason. Several of my coworkers talked with this regular customer, and we found out he watched a movie every day for 30 years, and planned to watch movies everyday into the future. I adamantly thought that was a huge waste of time, and could not benefit a person in any way.

Reading everyday, writing everyday, or exercising everyday I could understand. But to spend an hour and a half to three hours a day watching a movie seemed ridiculous to me. Lately I’ve been reading up on revising a novel manuscript. A book I read, Self Editing and Revision for Publication, and the website,, both use movies as examples for story structure.

All of these years later I’m learning there is a value in movie watching, especially movies that stood the test of time. A basic structure of a novel and movie is the same. Also a movie has visual and sound cues the viewer can analyze the plotting points more distinctly than a book. A movie can be viewed in one sitting, whereas a book takes days or much longer.

From these two sources I’m reading on revision, I think they both suggest watching movies. The mentions frequently The Silence of the Lambs, both the book and the movie. To really get the suggested points I should watch and read that classic.

Perhaps that bookstore customer had writing ambitions as a screenwriter or other writing. Watching a movie a day for a lifetime would give someone a concrete idea of what works or does not work in stories. If nothing else you could really impress a lot of people with movie knowledge. In today’s world popular media has more social value than knowledge of literature.

Last thing about that customer, is people do all sorts of different things. Just because I don’t do something myself, or don’t understand why people do that thing, does not mean it’s without reason or purpose. A difficult thing to do is not compare myself to others or judge people, and it’s important to keep an open mind. Maybe that way I can learn things from other people to improve my own ambitions.

***The photos and article on blog posts do not have to match. These pictures are from yesterday, before and after haircut selfies.

Plead To Skate Industry, Make Concept Films With Epic Albums for the Soundtracks

If you read this week’s Jenkem Magazine ‘s article on the best skateboard moments on drugs you realize skateboarding is weird. Skateboarding has always been weird. It’s high time as a collective whole the skateboard community demand our skateboard films get weirder. My suggestion to the skateboard industry is to make skateboard concept films with epic albums as the soundtracks.

I can’t do this myself. I got a video camera a few years ago and made some youtube clips. Now I know I can cross off any ambition for filming. I’m not good at filming others. I have a career, and need to focus on writing. Also my skateboarding skills are not worthy of grandiose projects. So I’m pleading to the skateboard industry to take on my idea with pro videographers, and good skaters.

Basically music in a skate video makes or breaks it. The only obstacle in this plan is copyright. If Plan B can use a Rolling Stone song and other classic rock in their recent video, it’s obvious the big companies have the cash to overcome copyright obstacles these days.

My idea is to have full-length skate videos for these albums! I’m sure many more albums would be just as epic. This winter I haven’t skated at all. I hope this entry is my last delusional over thinking of skating and I can actually skate soon.

-Pink Floyd, Darkside of the Moon

This is an obvious choice. A short album at 42 minutes but so epic it captured imaginations generation after generation since it’s release in the 1970’s. On youtube look up Plan B’s promo from 2008 called Superfuture. The song ‘Time’ perfectly matches Danny Way’s mega ramp skills, and then Paul Rodriguez’s street skating. The whole album would work for a soundtrack.

-Nas, Illmatic

Nas is from Queensbridge, and the Flushing Meadows skate spot is also in Queens. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I like hiphop, but this is a stand out because every song works. One can listen to the whole album straight through. One challenge is the last song, ‘It Ain’t Hard to Tell’ is one of the best hip hop songs recorded. That song should be the last part or the climax, and not the credits.

-Guns n’ Roses, Appetite for Destruction

I wouldn’t know how to look this up. Years ago online Jake Phelps from Thrasher said that in Girl’s video Yeah Right, Gino Iannuci’s part was so solid because of the song choice, ‘It’s so Easy’ by GNR. It rocks, and the whole albums rocks. Think of the possibilities. Would the six-minute long ‘Paradise City’ be a montage or a solo-part?

-Rolling Stones, Exile on Main Street

This is a long album and a challenge for a potential skate film. ‘Sweet Virginia’ is my favorite song on the album. If in the Flip’s Extremely Sorry video they can put a mini ramp in the desert near the Grand Canyon, I suggest a mini ramp in Appalachia. Yes, for the ‘Sweet Virginia’ part it should be a mini ramp jam in the hills. The skaters need to be skinny, and handsomely scruffy. The Rolling Stones invented the Heroin emaciated look, and the skate industry would have to respect that.

-Miles Davis, Bitches Brew

If you are in a bar with an Internet jukebox and you want to piss off people put in ‘Bitches Brew’ by Miles Daves. The song is 27 minutes and might not be good for the dancing or late night crowd. Apparently the album is an hour and a half. Perhaps for this concept skate video the song ‘Bitches Brew’ might be epic enough.

-Gza, Liquid Swords

I have to admit the first time I heard Wu-tang I was offended, and didn’t get it. But I listened to it again, then again and again. I became a fan like millions others. I heard Liquid Swords as an adult 15 years after it came out. The first listen I didn’t get it, but I listened to it more and it’s epic. In a lot of hip hop albums the interludes or voiceovers between songs annoy me, but the ones in this are so strange it makes it interesting. The first song has an interlude were the art director of the skate concept film could go crazy with visuals. Something magical would happen when the song and skating starts at the same time.

-Patti Smith, Horses

This is another album that’s interesting to listen from start to finish. It has ups and down or fast and slow moments. ‘Gloria’ clocks in at 6 minutes, and ‘Land’ is over 9 minutes. Long songs are the opposite of most skate video soundtracks. But I believe the right company and filmmaker could make a beautiful skate concept film to this album.

That’s all. For anyone in the skate industry take my suggestion and make a skate vid with an album as a soundtrack. If not, anyone that reads this, discuss music albums. These happen to be some of my favorites.

Novel Update, Rejected By Literary Agents, and That’s a Good Thing

11041671_10152793376936915_7180342609322031510_nI’m an open book compared with most aspiring writers. A lot would keep rejections from literary agents to themselves and inwardly brood. If I were not nearly two-thirds of the way through my rewrite I’d feel the same way. I know I’m improving my work, so I’m glad the six agents I submitted to did not take me on.

In fact, two of the literary agents I submitted to left the field completely. Those two are more of a void than a rejection, but I’m free of the urge to obsessively check for rejection emails. I’ve learned a lot since the 2014 Writer’s Digest Conference. One thing I’ve learned that a serious attempt to get an agent is a numbers game. Once a writer is satisfied with his or her work the goal is to submit to 60 or more agents up to a 100.

Out of six agents I submitted to a third dropped out of the industry. That is a lesson in itself; perhaps many people try out as literary agents and don’t make it. I think that substantiates that getting a literary agent is a numbers game.

However, to take the time to submit to 60 plus agents, one really needs to be content with his or her work. From my beta-readers I got enough negative feedback to know I needed to rewrite the whole thing. Also, several of my beta-readers never got back to me. If it were stellar, I would have gotten more feedback. I realized I rushed the process after the excitement from the Writer’s Digest Conference.

I’m positive my rewrite is improving my novel dramatically. Once I’m done, I will take more time revising. In my rewrite I have 35 projected chapters. During revision I may take a week or two for each chapter. First I’d evaluate each chapter to rearrange as needed, then condense, and then repeatedly polish.

Recently I read Self Editing and Revision for Publication, by James Scott Bell. In that book he mentions every dialogue, every description, action, and more has to move the story forward and be interesting. Also in that book he states conflict needs to be everywhere, even the dialogue needs tenseness.

With that knowledge and other things I’ve learned indicates the revision process takes much longer than the initial first draft, or in my case a rewrite. I’m glad I have a career, and I’m not putting all my eggs into the writing game. Because of that I can take all the time I need. I will make my prose sing in my novel before I do the beta-readers process again.

The Stupid Law Made Marijuana a Gateway Drug

1924545_10152783832386915_5969861112677715016_nOpponents of marijuana legalization often state their main reason is the gateway drug theory. In a way there is some truth to that. Teenagers who toke weed regularly most likely graduate to hard drugs when they get older. But that’s not a valid reason since teenagers are not supposed to drink either. And the main reason marijuana has historically been a gateway drug is because it’s fucking illegal.

There are millions of people in this country who have ruined their lives from alcohol and tobacco. Doing so, as adults, they never broke a law. Most people like being law-abiding citizens. The past few years’ marijuana has become more accepted. Until recently though, when someone toked weed for the first time, they knowingly broke the law. For many people smoking weed is the first time stepping over the law into the criminal world.

Making marijuana illegal lumps it together with every illegal drug. Growing up within a year of when my friends smoked weed, other drugs crept in. Acid, and mushrooms followed quickly. Shortly after that some got into heroin, and other hard stuff. Illegal marijuana introduces users to the underground drug culture.

If marijuana was made legal on the federal level I’m convinced marijuana would be used like alcohol and tobacco. Adults would have easy access to it from stores instead of drug dealers. No adults would need to worry about arrests, tickets, or engaging in criminal activity.

Also the gateway drug theory would be less. More people would be content to simply do the legal drugs of alcohol, tobacco, and weed. I think meth, heroin, bath salts, and other drugs are so damaging they should be illegal.

Making marijuana legal would distance it from hard drugs kept illegal. Another reason is so many incarcerated for weed, when millions smoke. America should stop being hypocrites with the law, and let citizens have a choice.

Support the Hot Models of Instagram by Liking These Handles!

For years I self monitored my facebook feed, and knew that a lot of my work colleagues saw my business on there. I still don’t understand twitter, but instagram works differently than facebook. It is not about sharing information, and communicating. Instagram is all about pictures. Since it’s on your private phone you don’t view it on work computers. My instagram feed is a mix of friends, famous skateboarders, and women models.

Instagram has a no nudity policy, so these pictures are harmless. Think of them as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue on acid with more and more. These instagram handles promote models. By liking and following these handles one supports modeling careers.

These handles are collectives, and highlight the models of instagram. For each picture they list the handle of the individual model or models. So potentially you could follow and support hundreds of models. Some of these models list contact information, so a brave soul could potentially email them.

For me it’s simply fun to see bikinis on my phone, and not a big deal. Without more words here are my favorite five instagram handles for women models.

@bebychicken with over 300,000 followers.

@chicknation with over 500,000 followers.

@women_admiration with over 250,000 followers

@sexnostress with over 11,500 followers.

A photo posted by SexOverStress (@sexnostress) on

@spicybabes_ with over 600,000 followers.

Love girls with ink! A good example is this stunning model @_MERIDETH_LYNN_

A photo posted by @spicybabes_ on

My Inventor Research Project in Middle School was My First Fiction

photo (7)Recently I read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, and enjoyed it. However at some points I thought the details of video game history were obviously made up by the author. This book is fiction, and that is okay. But it reminded me so much of the time I made up video game history. My first creative output in life was from an eighth grade history research group assignment. This is not a review of Ready Player One, but an entry on a developmental turning point for yours truly.

My good skate friend and I paired up for a research project. I don’t remember if there were others in our group or not. We were in the school library, and the group assignment was to research and write about an invention and inventor. I remember being at the school library table and we decided to write on the invention of video games.

For that research hour we searched the school library, and didn’t find much. This was the 1990 to 1991 school year and before the Internet. Today as a librarian I know we could have found information, but perhaps didn’t try that hard. I believe it was my brilliant idea just to make up the history. Making it up is not plagiarism, and we decided there might not be much information on video games.

My friend and group agreed. That weekend we played a video game that we could win. In the credits we looked over the names on the screen. We decided that Natsumi Tanaka was the inventor of video games. After that we picked Tokyo and fabricated a whole history of this person’s life with adding real name companies here and there. It was mischievous and thrilling to make everything up.

We collaborated on the story line, and I believe my friend typed up the report. At that point I was a horrible student, and a long way from having writing as an interest. I would not make academic strides until high school or even college. But making up something up like video game history definitely stood out as something fun to do.

We turned in the report, and we got a B for it. The teacher was elderly, nice, and maybe didn’t care. He passed away later in that school year, and that gave me guilt on faking a paper. I’d like to think if anything he was amused by our fabrication.

Middle school was a strange time for me, and I don’t know if the blogging world is ready for the eighth grade school bus stories.

In Defense of Hipsters, or Do Hipsters Even Exist!!!!????!!!!

Photo on 2015-02-15 at 14.52Many think skaters turned into fucking hipsters. Skaters hang out in hipster zones of NYC including the Lower East Side, L.I.C, and Williamsburg. Beards are fashionable and so are skinny jeans.

Everyone hates on hipsters, and they get the butt end of many jokes. I’m making a bold statement that hipsters don’t even exist. It’s today’s fashion with people fresh out of college.

I admit I feel old and out of place in Williamsburg or the Lower East Side when I’m by myself. But that is social life in NYC. It’s better to roll with a crew instead of by one’s self.

In Rockaway, a lot of the summer crowds are considered hipsters. I have overheard people that live in Brooklyn for the winter and live in Rockaway for the summer. Now that I live down here I’d rather hang out in the establishments accused of catering to hipsters than the old man bars farther west. This is the first time I’ve lived in a ‘cool’ area, and it’s great.

Now back to hipsters. I’d be willing to wage money that if a reporter went into the heart of hipsterville in Brooklyn and interviewed 10 people none of them would define themselves as hipsters. They might be pretentious, but they probably define themselves as musicians, artists, writers, skaters, or other creative types.

Other hipsters might define themselves by whatever career they have in the city. I guarantee up to a 50-buck bet that no one defines themselves as hipsters. Hipster is a stereotypical term for someone dressing a certain way to make a scene.

If there are hipsters in this world, what is their main focus? With hippies in the 1960’s, the underlying agenda was a new way of life and peace. In the 1980’s to 1990’s the hip-hop scene was driven by music and street life.

So what drives hipsters? Is it music, is it art, or is it politically against the one percent? In reality it could be anything. Hipsterism is not a movement, but a judgment.

Over ten years ago, ‘Napoleon Dynamite,’ was a popular movie, and at that point that was what ‘hipsters’ looked like. The look has evolved to beards for men, and more then belt buckles. With me included every person over 30 judges the younger generations. The younger ones are not as cool as they were in their day. The way hipsters dress today is different than what people dressed like in the late 1990’s, but who cares.

I learned in high school to hang out with non-skaters or people that dressed differently than I did. That was a good thing because when I moved to Toledo, I was the only skater in my school. Hipster is just a label for the fashion that young people abide to these days. Unless someone proves me wrong, it all boils down to fashion. And one of the golden rules is not to judge books by their cover, or people by their style or lack of style.

It’s 70 Degrees and Sunny in LA while NYC is Effing Freezing

10428432_10152690599611915_3624270116434782976_nOut of longing, some days I check the weather in Los Angeles. Every fucking day for February in Los Angeles it stated 70 degrees and sunny. If you check the weather year round, the weather does not get too hot there in the summer, and they have no humidity.

No wonder most skateboard pros come from there and live there. Meanwhile in NYC and the Midwest we’ve been bombarded with a harsh winter. Forget skateboarding regularly, leisurely walks, or running outside because people are confined to the indoors.

This is my first winter living in Rockaway, and I’m glad I have a nice view of the ocean and the bay. However with the wind tunnel right outside my apartment the temperature here feels at least 10 degrees colder than the rest of New York City. I’ve never felt the feeling of walking as resistance training from such strong wind.

How I’m surviving this kick in the balls of this winter? I’m doing three things, all of which are solitary endeavors. I started to cook. I’ve had four deliveries from fresh direct, each on a weekly basis. Cooking is easier than I thought, you literary just follow the recipe directions and in most cases it works. Reading the Michael Pollan book, In Defense of Food, got me on the right track.

Secondly since a little before Christmas I joined the YMCA. Slowly I’m getting in shape, and I’m excited about being more handsome once I’m in good shape. My goal was to try swimming to maybe surf in summer. My swim classes are great, and a good thing regardless if I end up surfing or not.

The third thing I’m doing is rewriting my novel. I’m writing most nights, and hope to have it done by spring. I know I’ll have a lot of revising to do afterwards. Typing it up is daunting. But I think the creative process and to have a flow, one must obsess, and write routinely until the draft is done.

I’m bitching about winter, and it’s the worst thing about NYC. If global warming kicked in, and NYC could be 70 degrees year round without humidity we would live in the best city in the world. So I’m trying to get in super shape by summer, be more self-reliant by cooking, and write.

Hopefully this harsh winter will turn into a blooming spring, and then a excellent summer. Maybe finally this summer I can become a player with the ladies, or get in a relationship. And maybe being in better shape I’ll skateboard better too. This winter sucks, but putting my time in can only make the future better!!!!!! I bitch every winter, but NYC is my home now.

***The California versus winter climates has been discussed forever, or at least since this Mamas and Pappas song in the late 1960’s.

Novel Update: A Complete Rewrite By Hand

10447708_10152674871386915_98997736597851762_nFor any aspiring writers that find my blog through a search be wary. If you’re looking for writing advice seek Writer’s Digest articles or search for interviews of your favorite authors. It’s a blessing that there is a plethora of information online, but every freaking person that aspires to write a novel, blogs about his or her process. That means it’s easy to get bad advice. I hate to pour my change into the river of misinformation, but I’m conceded and this is my blog, so I’m giving a novel update.

After the Writer’s Digest 2014 conference in August I was charged to get my book out. I gave it out to my ‘beta-readers’ and I sent it to the agents that I pitched well to at the conference. One of my beta-readers got back to me quickly and fixed bad punctuation with my dialogue. I got feedback from a few beta readers quickly, and even some very negative feedback because of the sexual content. Anyway I thought it might have a chance.

Then months passed. I got two rejections quickly and I did not hear from the other three agents. More than five of my beta-readers did not respond at all. By November I had eight responses from my beta readers. Reading the Stephen King book, On Writing, I learned that eight beta readers is a good amount. In that book King says if one person has a problem with something think it over but not too much. If two or more have the same problem with something consider it more. And finally if half or more have the same problem you definitely need to work on that issue.

I had two beta readers that were very encouraging, but more thought the sex was too much. I’m convinced that the ones that never got back to me were turned off by it too. I’ve learned since than that erotica is still romance, there is a development, a give and take. What I wrote without realizing it was porn, and simply sex scenes. Another problem that most of my beta-readers stated was the skateboard scenes were too unrealistic, think Tony Hawk video games compared to real skating, or too much skater terminology.

Since November I’ve thought of doing a rewrite. On the positive side most of the beta readers and even an agent that rejected it stated the story line and premise is unique and original. I searched online for information on rewriting. There is a lot on writing a first draft, but not so much on rewriting. One suggestion I found was to reread the work and do a reverse outline. I did this and realized how many sex scenes I had in the book. One of my beta-reader’s stated strong sexual content is not bad, but more powerful in a limited way. Instead of thirty sex scenes try for five or less.10537400_10152268829046915_4859247567156141287_n

I decided to start over, and write the whole novel again by hand. I reworked another suggestion to make the ending more interesting and then I did a chapter outline. Without the sex scenes the story line went quicker. My first novel had 64 chapters and this one will have 35 chapters. However I’ll approach the writing differently for this version. For the first one I wrote a chapter a night. For this version I’ll give each chapter two nights of writing, so the chapters and maybe the draft will be longer.

I also got some suggestions like adding descriptions, because the first draft was mostly dialogue and action. I’d like to write five to six nights a week on this until it’s done. For 70 nights of writing it’s possible to finish in three months. After that I may really take my time revising it. For the first version revising I cut and condensed it by a third. In the Stephen King book it states to cut by ten percent, which is good to know. Perhaps I cut things, like description, I should not have in the first go round. I’ve learned a lot this past year. I’m sure this version will be better.

This project will keep me busy this winter. I’m focusing on writing, cooking, going to the YMCA, and skateboarding when I can. For my blog I’m aiming for posting on the day of the week I don’t work on my novel, if I don’t sue me. Lastly shenanigans will have to want until spring.

The First Ever Mallisonwhat Contest! Win Dingle Berries (wheels)!!!!!

Looking back at some of my personal expenditures, one could say I have impulse control issues. Buying two sets of Dingle Berry OJ 42 mm wheels seemed like a good idea at the time. Recently I set up a complete around those wheels at Homage skate shop; a Tired 9.25 deck with a retro shape, and Indy 159’s.

This was to be my 1992 nostalgia overload goodness. I would get pressure flips and switch tres with ease. However skating this setup, I realized this board was not a tech board, even with tiny wheels. I was at Thompkins so I ran to Reciprocal Skate Shop and bought 58 mm wheels.

Of course I posted my purchase on facebook, instragram, and twitter. I offered the dingle berry wheels for free to anyone interested. To my surprise I got five or so requests for the free wheels. Bob ‘Shaggy’ Crawford responded first on twitter, and therefore will get the set I skated for a half hour.10388192_10152663801296915_882810882698450996_n

I asked myself will I skate the other set of dingle berries, and the answer is no. So, now I have A CONTEST, and the winner will get a free set of OJ Dingle Berry 42 mm wheels, new and in the box. Recently mallisonwhat passed 300 posts. And that is a lot in a little over 5 years, and a reason to celebrate.

Without further words here is the contest information and rules in all caps!





Good luck everyone!
(2009-2015 and beyond.)

Every Country in the World Should Separate Church and State

With the recent shootings in Paris of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper staff terrorist acts in the name of religion are again making headlines. I am not going to write about Islamic terrorists or the Hebdo shootings, because there is enough professionally written articles on those topics to read through. What I am going to write is my opinion that all religions need to take a back seat in our world, and there should definitely be no countries run by religious doctrines.

Over my lifetime I have seen the benefits of religion on the individual level. With things like addiction, grieving, and other hardships religion does give people something to live for during hard times. Religion can take a down and out alcoholic or heroin addict and make he or she a productive citizen again. In general I think religious people are more in control of their impulses, and have more reasons to abstain from vice than unreligious people.

Once my dad said he felt communism failed in Russia because they did not allow people to have religion. The United States has the best policy with allowing freedom of Religion, but theoretically not being governed by religion. If there was a way all the world countries could adapt a similar policy that would be lovely.

My main problem with religion is that it creates a firm Us verses Them mentality. The world needs less of this Us versus Them mentality, we are all humans. In this country religion prospers because religious parents pass it on to their off spring like clock work. If Johnny is a good boy and goes to his parents’ church, they’ll help him with a mortgage after his marriage. For the next generation Johnny Jr. gets help if he’s a church-goer, and so on. Religion breads nepotism, and narrow-mindedness. I rejected religion at an early age because I couldn’t stomach people going to hell for not believing the fantasy stories like walking on water and other nonsense.

Did any God or prophet thousands of years ago mark on their calendar, in the 19th century there will be the industrial revolution, and the 20th century will bring on cars for the masses, planes will be accessible, computers, cell phones, and all modern day technology. The answer is no, religion has not done shit for progress.

The technology progress we’ve had in the last 200 years has been from scientists and inventors working their craft making new tools. We can thank humans for the modern world, not any religion. When you wake up in the morning, turn on the light, and turn the faucet for drinkable running water don’t thank god because humans figured that out.

I hope by each 100 years into the future that religion will have less and less significance in the world. There are values, ways to live, and positive attributes that can be pulled out of all religions. It’s called ethics. We don’t need to read a religious text to know killing someone is wrong. Ethics should be a role in law making, not religion.

I Suggest the Michael Pollan Books on Food!

photo (6)A few months ago I read Food Rules by Michael Pollan, and thought it informative but too brief. In Defense of Food is more substantial on the state of modern day food. According to goodreads The Omnivore’s Dilemma is more pack loaded with food advice. One lunch with my sister I mentioned these books, and was surprised she did not read them. She’s stated similar facts forever, so many already know this stuff.

I’m ignorant on food, and have a convenient diet. By convenient diet I mean I eat what’s fast, easy to get, and cheap. Reading this book you’ll learn that the capitalism of America and Britain literary changed the way we eat. Nutrition was created by scientifically abstracting nutrients out of food, in theory to get the best things into food products. Most of the time it didn’t work. However placing nutrition as a scientific entity, they created an industry to always promote the latest trends.

Pollan states that traditional foods are healthy from centuries of cultures developing cuisines. Trying to extract the nutrients of an apple can never be as healthy as eating an apple. An apple eaten today only has a third of the nutrients than an apple eaten in 1940. On average people in the United States eat 600 more calories each day compared to 1980. The agriculture of food production changed, the science of nutrition was changed, and people in the food industry made serious money with convenience as the main selling point.

Maybe capitalism has been broke for a long time. With something as simple as food health gets thrown out of the window for profit. I wonder in the future if the food industry will get into legal trouble like the nicotine industry did.

I fell for convenience my whole life, and one thing I read in here caught my eye. Pollan stated the fact that high fructose corn syrup does not break down in the body like normal sugar. Normal sugar breaks down and converts to energy if one exercises. Fructose does not break down to energy, but into fat, and triglycerides. That is something I’ve personally tested high for, and I wonder if I’m careful to avoid fructose if that would go down. Even though I said no, why did the doctor suggest pills for triglycerides when it’s related to diet?

Since September I’ve been running regularly, and my weight has not dropped. I think it’s time to change my diet, and this book has some good pointers. Pollan suggests in a regular grocery store to shop the periphery, basically the produce and meats. Anything packaged is suspect. If you do go for a package, see that there are no more than 5 ingredients, and the ingredients are natural. Pollan suggests shopping at farmer’s markets when possible. Most importantly he suggests to cook. For me I mostly eat take out, and at home packaged foods so this is a little intimidating, but important. I have a sweat tooth, so I should make my own cookies. That way I’ll know how much sugar I put in them, and there won’t be any fructose.

I like this book, because he doesn’t preach a certain diet over the other. He puts a priority on if the food is processed or not. In fact he suggests the more variety the better. If you know people ignorant on food, but wanting a change, suggest the Pollan’s books.


Tired and Thrasher Make the Biggest Tribute of All Time to Old Dudes Skating

Thrasher, Tired video

On Christmas Thrasher put a video up by the company Tired that speaks volumes. In my opinion this is the biggest recognition of the old dude skate movement by the skateboard industry. Pro videos show a continual higher and unachievable standard for the majority of skateboarders. Most non-skaters think to skateboard you have to throw yourself down 10 stairs or jump the wall of China on a mega ramp.

Tired celebrates that everyone can skate by showing regular old dudes skating, and to me puts some fun back into the scene. There is room for all levels of skating. I know it’s a cliché to say the important thing is to have fun while skating, but that’s true.

A few years ago, I read somewhere online that ten percent of the skate industry caters to the over 30 crowd. That percentage is growing larger, and will continue to grow. I’m 37 and feel part of a new horizon where people that want to skate can do so into old age. I regularly skate with older friends who are better than me. I think us older skaters are on to something, and are having more fun than our non-skating peers.

There is so much of a close bond between adults that skate, and I think the kids seeing this are stoked too, because they know they can keep skating. We are setting the precedent that people can skate into old age.

When I was a teenager I felt pressure to quit during the college years, and do more appropriate activities for adults. For me, I was off and on with skating. Looking back I wish I never stopped. I truly say I’m happier when I skate then when I don’t. Now all the people that loved skating are coming back to it, and it’s a beautiful thing.

This video shows that people don’t have to skate at a pro level, and that anything landed is a triumph. I plan to get a Tired deck, submit footage for their 2015 edit, and be part of the movement. I don’t know if more kids are skating these days, but the future of skating is super bright since more people than ever are skating into adulthood.

This video, hands down is awesome, and a perfect Christmas gift to the skate community. Lastly, what is that Toyko Pop Raver song? It’s rad, and they did not list their song selection.

The Tired Website.