Goals for my off time, again

February 10th was the last date I took the time to write and post a blog. Today is the 20th of March so a whole flipping month has gone by without me writing anything. It’s been a blur of a month with being busy at work, at first I stepped it up at the gym, and then I had a minor but annoying health problem that occupied my free time. But I’ve also been watching a lot of you tube on my home computer. I suddenly remembered treasures like Master P’s ‘Ooh Wee,’ The Big Timers ‘Number one stunna,’ Oasis songs, Crypris Hill, Pixies, and so much more. Anyone who watched too much MTV in the 90’s should watch the old videos on youtube when bored. And there is a whole batch of new pop videos to watch. A fine example would be Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s ‘Telephone,’ which shows that acid and surrealism are still popular.  I also recommend Rihanna, and Shakira. Facebook has turned into a demon for me as will; I somehow concocted a ridiculous rule that I have to post a status update everyday, and then check regularly for comments. My last complaint about this month is my concentration with reading has vaporized.  After a hundred pages of Dostoevsky’s ‘The Idiot’ I gave up. I’m more that a hundred pages into ‘Absurdistan’ for a social book club next week and I really don’t care about it at all, even though I attempted to emulate the whinny tones of that book in this paragraph.

Maybe it’s okay to waste time, and I should allow myself some fun time. In a lot of ways I’ve improved over the past year by quitting drinking and smoking. From abstaining from those two vices I have so much potential for what I want to do on my free time. I can get in as good of shape as I want, and I can skate a lot better. I can pursue my writing more effectively with never being hung over, and I can continue and develop my serious reading. I think it is all about time management on my evenings and days off. Usually I get home from work around 7 at night and go to sleep around 11 to 12 at night.  4 to 5 hours a night is not bad, even on gym nights I could easily read or write a blog. I also can continue to scan facebook and keep informed of what people from my past and my current people are doing regularly. Facebook can be a very good thing, but it is a real time waster to check it fifteen times a night. When I finish my blogs I’ll continue to post a link on facebook, and I’ll continue to post links to websites that interest me and may interest my friends. But I need to limit my facebook and youtube usage, my brain freeze is officially over.

I like the idea of having a blog, and really if I’m sitting in front of my computer I should type up entries.  I think if I ever want to write a novel I need to practice a lot more, and make it a regular routine.  The actual writing of these entries is enjoyable for me. I simply put on my headphones and I have a Pandora.com internet radio open and I simply type. If I wrote fiction again or anything to submit I’d write it out by hand for the first draft, but this blog format is simply to express ideas and clearly state my thoughts. I do not feel pressure with it, and do not revise much at all before I post. Spending an hour or less on this two to three times a week is a lot better than surfing the internet obsessively.  If I’m able to make this routine, I think it will be therapeutic for me, and I’ll have something to think about. So the goal is not to let significant time lapse between blog entries.

In other news, spring is here, and I’m going to blog about skating and another altered workout plan tomorrow.

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