6 week workout cycle complete and planning ahead

I’ve been back at the gym for 6 weeks now. The cycle of 2 weeks of stationary bike, then 2 weeks of treadmill running, and then 2 weeks of the eliptical machine are complete. I did light lifting with similar workouts during this time. I think changing the aerobic is a good thing and it doesn’t seem as repetitive as always doing the same routine. For this six weeks I did twenty minutes of aerobic activity. I think during this time I got more efficient with that timeframe and got a little stronger with the weights.

I’m going to make some slight changes, instead of a 6 week cycle I’ll make it 9 weeks. So I’ll do the bike for 3 weeks, then treadmill running for 3 weeks, and then the elliptical for 3 weeks. I’ll also increase the aerobic to 25 minutes. I think 3 weeks will give me a little more time to go faster with that time from. After this cycle I’ll make it a 12 week cycle with doing each aerobic activity for 4 weeks, and increase it to 30 minutes for the length of time. I think the four week cycle will be a good amount to progress with the speed, and then start to evaluate if all the aerobic activities are beneficial or not.  I think after this cycle of 9 weeks I’ll do some research to change up the light lifting. After this cycle if I stick with it, I’ll have been exercising for 15 weeks or more than 3 months.

I also only go to the gym 3 days a week, and somehow that makes it more manageable. And the gym is not my focus, skateboarding is. I really like considering the gym as training for something as opposed to simply getting in shape. This summer has been a hot one, but a relatively dry one, so I’ve been able to skate regularly. During one week I alternated between days of skating and going to the gym. The days are longer so I can get about a two hour session in after work, and of course I skate on my days off. During this 6 week period of going to the gym and more activity I think I’ve progressed some at skating.

Progressing has made me happy, and I believe with a combination of getting in shape and skating frequently I can only progress more.

This evening I’m going to a good friend’s wedding, life is good!

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