Letter to a skateboard deck

Dear ‘I Can’t Believe it’s Not Buttery’ deck,

Looking at my old blog picture of you, I started skating you around July 12th 2010, and today, October 2nd 2010, I am putting you into retirement. We had a marvelous summer together and I thought I’d share some thoughts before I throw you in the trash or give you to a kid.

Your predecessor was a deck that also lasted a good while. The two of you were a breath of fresh air compared to a spring fling deck that I broke on the first day of skating.

Usually I go for skinny decks measuring 7.5 inches for width or so. On the internet and so forth I’ve heard of many advantages of skating wider decks. So I went to the skate shop with a wider deck in mind.  You are a deck from the company Girl, a name brand I can trust, and you are the pro model deck for Jeron Wilson, a pro skater who is probably older than me. So the width of 8 inches appeared much wider than 7.5, but your nose, tail, and concave enticed me. I also liked the graphic slogan ‘I Can’t Believe it’s not Buttery.’ So I selected you and we became friends.

‘Buttery’ is a term in the skateboard community for tricks or styles that are smooth. So instead of saying ‘that’s smooth’ you would say ‘that’s buttery.’ My skateboard riding styles are not super smooth, but right away on you I felt more consistent. I things I could land I could do them on command.

Shortly into your tenor Mr. Buttery, I started to become self conscious of the size of our trucks, they seemed too small for you. This was not a cold hearted move by either of us, but the trucks had to go.  We got the 8 inch Ventures, and powell bushings. All the while you did not miss a beat.

Also according to my blog we had a snag in August where a tre flip went wrong left me with a bruised ankle. But you are not to blame and when we got back riding three weeks later, it was great once again.

Today we skated for 3 or more hours and part of it was my fatigue but you have less snap then before. Therefore I purchased a new deck that shows promise.

You will be remembered,



Matt Allison

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