Sunsets are best

Lately I’ve been obsessed with sunsets. On late lunches at work and after my skate sessions on weekends I enjoyed viewing sunsets this past month.  I think with the timeframe of sunsets a little bit before five o’ clock this time of year I notice them almost everyday. Today as I looked at one over the cross bay water I thought I would write out my memories of sunsets. I think I have always liked them.

At an impressionable age of six to eight I probably viewed the best sunsets ever with my family. My dad bought land between Albuquerque and Sante Fe New Mexico when we lived in that area. On several occasions we would get chicken from a place called Golden Chicken, drive up there, walk around, and eat while the sun set over the desert hills. The chicken was on the level of KFC, and the area was beautiful.  I really want to visit New Mexico at some point in the near future. The mix of mountains and deserts is brilliant. Also when I viewed that land as a kid the area was not built up, so it was only my family and I hanging out. In my early twenties I went back there with my family and the area turned into a neighborhood. Albuquerque kind of got the suburban sprawl, and that area is now just a neighborhood, a nice neighborhood, but enough people in it not to eat chicken on one of the only vacant lots there. However living in that neighborhood would be cool to see sunsets like that off of a porch.

Beaches are also an obsession of mine.  On various vacations that involve a beach I also try to notice when the sun sets. I’ll try to eat my dinner before or after, and spend a half hour or so to see the sun set.  Maybe I should look up the philosophy or meaning of sunsets because I always find them calming. The transition of a sunset is from day to night, work to play, being awake to sleep. Even though it’s near winter I usually equate sunsets to summer, and maybe that is why sunsets are relaxing because the weather cools down.

I guess the only real solid example of a sunset I had for this entry was the ones from New Mexico.  So I’ll make this one short. However thinking of sunsets it is kind of pathetic on my part that I have not seen many sunrises at all. I may have never seen a sunrise in my life. That either means I’m too lazy to ever wake up for a sunrise or I’m not cool enough to stay up for one.

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