The woes of an inconsistent exerciser.

I got a snow day meaning no work for the day. I should be rejoicing and plan to do something fun. Instead I’m groveling in my inactivity from this cold or nasal drip thing I’ve had since Monday. On Sunday during my last gym workout, I was thinking of writing a blog entry on my gym progress. I was going to start that entry with ‘I was no better than the New Year’s resolution types, but it’s now been three weeks of solid workouts.’ I was going to try to figure out if I should keep it up on the treadmill or change the aerobics to the stationary bike. Then Monday I felt bad and stopped going to the gym.

So this blog entry will be different from what I wanted it to be on Sunday and I’m going to explore what makes me stop. I seem to get in the flow of a workout routine, then I get a cold, or an injury from skating, and I stop. Sometimes these stops that should be temporary lead to months of inactivity. To be honest in my life some of these abrupt stops of my exercise have lead to years of being inactive. I think I’m an athletic person and can adapt to routines quickly. But the one thing lacking is consistency, and that is the most important thing.

I’m on the mend now and I think I should be better by the weekend.  Today is Thursday so I’ll see how I feel Saturday, if I’m still scratchy I should restart Tuesday at the latest. Then I’ll lose about a week, which is nothing in the long term. I just don’t want to have months lapse. Also the past two weekends I went to an indoor park in Long Island, which was fun. If I feel 100 percent by Sunday I’ll go, but it might be prudent to skip this weekend, because that is a long trip, and a lot of exertion. I don’t want this to linger, or to make it worse, so maybe the best logic would be to take it easy over the weekend.  Regardless on Tuesday of how I feel I’ll go back to the gym.

Today is a snow day because it snowed a foot or more. I haven’t stepped outside at all yet today and do not feel jolly at all. I’ve taken this winter personally because it stopped my positive and regular skating routine. Now this week that I’ve felt sick it has put me in the doldrums.

On Sunday at the gym I was pondering if I should continue on the treadmill or move on to a different aerobic activity. I’ve blogged about doing the treadmill for three weeks, then the stationary bike for three weeks, and then the elliptical machine for three weeks. This takes the weight lifting idea of muscle confusion and puts it to aerobic activity. The idea is to change it up for health and to create a diversity of workouts. On Sunday’s workout I felt I was getting so much benefit from running on the treadmill that I should stay with that. Now with half a week off I think I’ll start back on the stationary bike, to ease into the routine again. Once I feel stronger I can do more challenging things on the stationary bikes.  I think alternating between the three aerobic machines is good, because for skating I need to be leaner with strong legs. Since the motions vary on those machines doing all three can only have a better overall benefit. That said when I go back to the gym I’ll need to get in the routine of doing abdominal workouts. I hate doing sit ups, it’s strange that I can be running hard on a treadmill for 25 minutes but I get winded when I do 20 sit ups.

Tuesday I’m back to the gym or bust.

In other news I did start my novel attempt and wrote two nights this week. Over the weekend I’ll write an entry about that. Stay tuned.

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