A heart felt letter to a skateboard deck


Matt Allison

Middle of Queens

Queens, NY 11444444

Dear Mikey Taylor Alien Workshop hexagon deck,

I remember the first day we starting riding together. It was early October 2010. On my second day of riding a Real deck I cracked it on a low flat rail at the L.E.S. skate park. Rails are my nemesis and perhaps I should not do them. That Real deck had a short life but I was ready to move on. Still early in the day that day I went to the KCDC skate shop in Williamsburg and selected you. Years ago I would of thought of you as a boat, and in fact you are the widest deck I ever rode.

After we got acquainted on that first day we went to the McCarren park for a late day session.  The park was crowded but I was into it. A few bearded skaters sitting on the sides with brown bag beverages pointed at you and me.  One said ‘Dude your board has hexagons on the grip trip.’ Sure enough the grip tape from dust had tons of hexagons on it, but before it did not. I don’t think this reinforces that the company Alien Workshop can summon spaceships on command, but it does validate that you are an individual.

That was early October and now in late January I am putting you in retirement. We had a marvelous fall season. I think the girth of you helped me be consistent, and now I never miss a kickflip. Together in fall we skated Forest Park, Astoria, Flushing Meadows, McCarren, the LIC courts, and Tribeca. This winter we skated the indoor Woodville skate park in Ohio, the Oil City indoor park in Long Island, and the mini ramp at the KCDC skate shop. You were a trooper and again it was the rail slides that were the demise. Perhaps I should study proper foot placement for rail slides before I needlessly hurt my friends.

Your replacement is the Mike Carroll Girl French Fry deck.  All I ask of you French Fry deck, is get me through the winter. It might not be much variety and a lot of the indoor park blahs, but I hope we will work well as a team.


In internal gratitude,

Your pal,

Matt Allison

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