My telling you what to watch on youtube.

Youtube is the greatest website ever.  Where else can you go to view video clips of all recorded history?  Everything is limited to less than ten minutes. Anything over ten minutes may not be worth watching anyway. When I first started my blog I did a history of my music video watching. That detailed the videos I grew up with. On this blog entry, I’m simply going to link youtube videos that I’ve watched lately. These are music videos and skate videos.



Wiz Khalifa, Black and Yellow

I became aware of this rap sensation a little late, but this past week as the super bowl approached this was in heavy rotation. The tune is catchy, represents Pittsburg, and my roommate recognized parts of the city in the video. It’s original, and has over 30 million views on youtube. The Green Bay Packers might have won the super bowl put Pittsburg has a lot more street cred these days.

Depeche Mode, Everything Counts

This song I heard a few months ago on my Pandora station, and came out in 1983.  Depeche Mode still tours and has had many hits.  This early song is a little different from their patented sound the developed a few years later.  Most times when I turn on youtube I’ll put this song on, it’s a good one. If I ever get good enough to film myself skating I might put this on my skate film.

Bananarama, Cruel Summer

I’ve always liked this song. It’s fun, it’s the 1980’s, and I have no shame. But they were very much a one hit wonder, do not youtube other Bananarama songs.

Shakira, She Wolf

My sister debated with me that this does not have artistic merit. I think it very much has artistic merit and goes beyond art. Yes she is hot, but this is a catchy fun song too.

Tupac, Changes

This song was completed after Tupac died, and they did a good job with the mix. It’s a good song.

Siouxsie and the Banshees, Passenger

I only heard this tonight for the first time, but I’m sure I’ll return to this song. This group also did ‘Kiss them for me’ and ‘Peek a boo.’ The songs that come up by this group are endless and their career must have been longer than I thought. That is a great thing about youtube, if you like a song, it will refer you to other songs by that same group.

The Pixies, The Happening

When I saw the Pixies on their reunion tour in 2006 or 2007 that was the only concert I’ve been to that I knew all the songs they played. I first heard them in 1991 and that really opened my eyes to lifestyles outside the norm. For years the Pixies were my favorite band, and I still like them a lot. Thanks to you tube I can listen to all the songs on their 5 albums, all of their B-sides, and concert footage.

The Gza, Living in the World Today

I skateboarded in the 90’s and therefore by association listened to Wu-Tang. However back then I did not purchase Liquid Swords by Gza when it came out in 1995. It’s tooted as one of the best hip hop albums of all time. A few years ago I purchased the CD but did not listen to it much.  In the past few months I’ve been listening to this track on youtube all the time, it is real captivating.

Culture Club, Karma Chameleon

This is a great song from the 80’s.

Stereolab, Margerine Melodie

Stereolab was the most talented group of musicians I ever saw in concert. I saw them about 5 times and according to their website they are taking a break from recording and touring. I first time I saw them was in Oberlin in 1996 or so. The last time I saw them was in 2008, and for each time I saw them I had a musical experience. I did not do drugs during those concerts but felt euphoria from the sounds. It’s hard to explain but I hope to see them again at some point. In the mean time they are well represented on youtube.

Samhain, Arch Angel

I heard this song as the ending song to a skate video. The video was Zero’s Misled Youth and that came out in 1999 or so. I liked it a lot from then, but never purchased the CD. I tried once and it was a rare find. Regular CD stores did not carry it. So I was thrilled a few months ago when I found this on youtube, it’s a good song.

I could put more music videos on here, but I think that is a good example of my wide ranging musical tastes. Now on to a few skate on youtube I’ve viewed multiple times.

Ronnie Creager in Blind’s What if

When I was a kid in 1993 I watched Ronnie Creager’s foundation part hundreds of times. He kept his skills. This part from 2005 has a song from the Dandy Warhol’s and is fun to watch. Creager also does some top notch technical tricks. The switch tailslide to 270 switch heelflip at the end is super hard. But he makes it look effortless.

Mike Carroll in Lakai’s Fully Flared

Like any self respecting skater I own a copy of Fully Flared on DVD, and watch it on my big screen television. My television is not big screened but bigger than my computer. Mike Carroll is the best and this part from 2007 is super good.

Lizard King in Baker has a Deathwish

Although I should be appalled at this company’s influence over the kids I find them entertaining. The make shirts that say ‘skate all day, and drink all night.’ That’s a bad message and most people have to work when they grow up, yet I watch this one on youtube.

Youtube has competitors. If you want longer videos you go to google and limit to videos.

Here is a skate video I like in it’s entirety.

DVS Dudes, dudes, dudes.

I think it’s the fun soundtrack and the shorter parts. I wear DVS shoes and I think they are not as serious as other shoe companies.

That is all the youtube and google video that I’m posting now. This entry has gotten a little burdensome and I can’t imagine people will bother to look through the links. If you’ve gotten to this point in the text I hope you enjoyed some of the tunes.  Also on a good note perhaps posting so many musicians and skaters will make this entry searchable.  Who knows.

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