The world’s smallest violin playing hearts and flowers

Scratching the novel attempt, sleeping roughly 15 hours to start out a weekend, and reading next to nothing are three solid things telling me something went haywire the past few weeks. If nothing else I lost my focus and I need to get it back pronto.

Three weeks ago I started my novel attempt and was writing at a break neck speed. Then on Friday February 4th, I had an epic night out with my friends. I got back at 4 in the morning that night, had a good time, but didn’t do much of anything the rest of that weekend. All of last week I didn’t write in my novel attempt either. I wrote a few blogs, but nothing in my attempt. So one night out with my friends, one night returning to my olden days of excess, and my ambitions went out the window. I think the one way to remedy this will not to overdo it, not hang out in bars, and give my self a curfew. From now on I need to be in my apartment by midnight.

In all fairness to myself I have not been a hundred percent. A few weeks ago I had a raging sore throat and was given some nasal spray. I’m mostly better, but I think this weather and the temperature have kept my throat a little scratchy. For a full two weeks I did not go to the gym. Thankfully this week I returned with workouts on Tuesday, Friday and today, Sunday. So I think getting back into the routine of exercise can only help my disposition. I get in trouble when I don’t exercise, most likely out of boredom. Now that I’m back I’ll need to be consistent with the gym which will make me consistent with writing.

From the sickness I had I did not skate for like three weeks. The weather was crap too, and this had an effect on my happiness as well.  Yesterday I skated at Forest Park. Only the mini ramp and a small flat space with a steep bank were cleared of snow.  When I got there I skated the steep back. Other skaters and I would simply push, go up the bank, turn around or ride down fakie and then do a trick on flatland.  You only had room for one trick, and I ended up stomping into the snow several times. Two dudes were trying rock to fakie and 5-0’s on top of the bank, which was sick because it was so high. After that I simply skated the mini. There were several locals there and I knew from fall. Even though the park was so limited, I had a great time, and I think I was there for a few hours. I bruised my forearm. That is okay because my bruised forearm gave me a picture for this blog. This winter has been tough but it will end, and I’m looking forward to skating more.

As for the sleeping too much I’ll try not to worry about it. On Friday night I went to sleep at around 11 at night, and I slept until after 2 in the afternoon on Saturday. That is a ridiculous amount of sleep. Last night I went to sleep around midnight and I got up after noon. Sleeping too much could mean two things. I’m either still recovering from a cold of some sort, or I’m not getting enough sleep during the week. I’ll try not to worry too much about sleeping in, but I’d like to get the most out of my weekends. The earlier you wake up the more hours you have in the day.

As far as reading goes, I realize I read in spurts. Perhaps nothing has captivated me recently.  I’m sure I’ll find a book I like soon.

The world is not ending, and I can get my focus back. In order to do so I will set a curfew for myself, I can’t be out after midnight. I need to keep the drinking to a minimum, perhaps I should go back to abstaining. Also I need to get back to writing the novel attempt, I lost a week and I can still make up for that by writing. The goal will be to write everyday, even if it’s not a huge amount. Making writing a habit is the key to finishing the draft. Lastly three times a week I need to have my gym workouts and skateboard when I can. My mood, my health, and a lot more things are better when I exercise.

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