My take on ‘foodie nation’: I eat a lot of junk food.

Tonight I had my favorite meal and two pints at my favorite restaurant within walking distance from my apartment. Fighting the urge to continue my night out elsewhere, I think I’ll simply spend a few moments to write about food. Perhaps blogging about food is the missing component of my blog. Everyone loves food, there is a whole trend called ‘foodie’ blogs, there are lots of pictures of food on the internet, and now I’ll give my two cents about food consumption.

My diet is horrible, I can’t cook, and I spend a lot of money on meals. If I changed my diet I would probably look really good, but I’m not so good at restricting myself. That’s not quite true in the year 2000 in combination with running I lost weight by a simple diet my sister gave me. This diet was this, cut out as much fried food, and sugar as possible. Fried food and sugar includes a lot of food, especially fast food and soda. With that simple dietary guideline I weighed only 150 for a few years. But I ran a ton of miles. In recent years, my diet has been difficult for me to adjust, I tend to indulge.

At Kent State my diet consisted of chicken wings and beer. There was a frat type bar there called Ray’s that had fried mac & cheese. I would avoid the undergrad crowds by going there during lunch time, but during my year there I was kind of a regular. Fried mac & cheese is kind of the perfect food, but somehow not mainstream yet. Also at Kent State, there was a sub shop that was so good. Talking about subs for years I enjoyed Blimpie’s subs instead of Subway subs when I was in Toledo. Near where I work today a place serves hot food, and I have pasta almost everyday. Also there is a diner near my work that sells chilli & cheese dogs that are so good.  In addition a Wendy’s, and a convenient store with good subs means my workday meal selections are covered. And none of the options are that healthy.

Tonight I went to Woodhaven house and had their Caesar Salad and Steak. It is so good, and the steak cooked right with a juicy taste. I had a few pints of Stella, and the apple crumb desert with ice cream. It was enjoyable and if I tried to do it myself I’d have a burned steak and warm beer.  Also nearby I sometimes go to a diner near Queens BLVD. I can decide on a whim if I want eggs, pancakes, a gryo or a hamburger. Those places I go regularly, but there is also a Turkish place, Italian, Sushi, and Columbian food nearby. There is a club on Queens BLVD called Tropix, and they have Tex Mex Wednesdays where with one drink you can get a Mexican meal for like 6 bucks. It’s nice to have options within walking distance.

Once a month or so I meet with some colleagues that I started working with 6 years ago. Our meetings are always centered on a meal together in a restaurant. So I’ve eaten all over Queens, and parts of Manhattan, and parts of Brooklyn. I think discussing things over a meal is a great way to catch up.

I love eating, and sometimes do make an effort to be healthier. Sometimes I’ll grocery shop for dinners at home, or simple lunches. It is amazing how much cheaper it is to prepare food yourself, but I think I’ll always like to have meals out. And when I go out I order what I think will taste good.

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