Life update and ULU’s 24 hour read in

Nothing flattens an active lifestyle to a halt quite like a cold or flu. I’m not sure if it was from overdoing it last weekend including a treacherous sunburn from watching Sunday’s Maloof contest. But as early this week as Tuesday night I felt bad. I have a stockpile of antibiotics, so I started taking them then. On Thursday I called off of work, and attempted to go to my doctor. I walked in before 4 o’clock, and they said they had no openings even though it was open until 9. So I made an appointment for 10:30 the next day, but when that morning came around I wanted to sleep. They could not fit me in the rest of the day. On Saturday I just cancelled the early morning appointment, because I felt slightly better. I think I need to find a new place for my health concerns, or go there more regularly so they’ll ‘fit me in.’

This weekend was the scheduled 24 hour read that the Urban Librarians Unite (ULU) organized to raise awareness against the proposed budget cuts.  Yesterday I still felt bad, so I cancelled my reading at midnight, and I was bummed. Today, Sunday, after a nice long restful sleep last night, I felt better, and I think I’m recovered from whatever I had. I’m glad I feel better and being sick sucks, luckily for me that type of cold usually only happens once a year. So today I decided I would go to part of the read in. I had lunch with my sister in mid-town which was nice. My sister is always a good voice of reason in my life, and I’m glad I get to see her and my little nephew on most weekends. After lunch I took the 2 subway train down to the read in at the Brooklyn Central library.

When I got there I saw Christian and Lauren from ULU and they said they camped out all night for the whole entirety of the 24 hour read in.  It rained most of last night, the temperature dropped to being cold, and they said it was pretty brutal. But they were able to have people reading the entire time, which was the goal.  Talking to Vicky a little later, she said that most people showed for their reading times. With the severe weather they were worried the 4 to 5 of them would have to alternate reading for a long time. So that was the good thing, but they said the weather did make the crowd less than the previous year. In the hour and a half I was there, a city councilmen spoke, and someone from the media was interviewing people. I think this was a success, and the ULU group really worked hard for it.  They were able to fit me in for 15 minutes of reading, and I read the beginning chapter of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, my voice was a little harsh toward the end, but I think it was a good selection on my part.

At 4 it ended quickly, and I could tell that the people that camped out felt proud of doing so. And they should be, other people might have cancelled the event due to the weather. I think the elected officials that stopped by over the 24 hour period will take what they saw into the budget negotiations, and it has to be good press too. I’m hoping next year we will not have a budget crises like this year and last year, but I think the 24 hour read in is a winner. Hopefully next year I won’t have a cold, the weather will be better, and maybe I’ll camp out too.

In other news:

Tomorrow I’m flying home, but as soon as I get to Rossford Ohio, we are packing for a road trip to rural Virginia. I’ll be going to a farm my mom inherited and helping my parents clear out, and organize things. It’s beautiful country, and it’ll be nice to have some active days down there. I love being a librarian, but it would be nice to have work were you’re outside doing actual physical tasks. I’ll be working the land, maybe not, but at least it’ll be something different. I’m sorry that I won’t see my Toledo friends, but Friday the 18th I’ll be back there for a day. I’m going to try my best to take a bunch of pictures and I’ll write a super blog when I get back.

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