Short hair cut wins this round

I am an inconsistent person. Nothing shows that more than by my various hair styles and facial hair attempts.  My father has had the same hair cut as long as I’ve known him, my roommate’s hair is always the same, my Uncles have the same hair always, and a lot of men seem to keep the same hair style.  I got a drastic hair cut today, so for an entry with a lighter tone I’m going to write the history of my hair. Yes I am that self absorbed to think that anyone would care about this.

As a kid I remember I did not want to cut my hair, shower, or bath at all. If it wasn’t for my parents I would probably have run around as a filthy kid that would be right at home for a Tarzan or Lord of the Flies film set. In middle school everyone had to have the bowl cut, so I had floppy bangs. But it didn’t get too long, I usually got a haircut once my bangs got into my eyes.

During the first summer in Toledo Ohio when a few friends visited me, my sister dyed my hair bright red. My dad was pissed, and scared me enough that I never dyed my hair again. As an adult I never been compelled to dye my hair, but a few years in the early to mid 90’s I yearned for sky blue hair. That coloring never happened. It’s funny though I at times have wanted super long hair, but it’s never gotten past my neck.

One other memorable thing happened hair wise in high school. Someone at my school had clippers and he shaved my head. I looked horrible and my skin on my head had a green tint to it, and there was also a growth there. That was removed and hair never grew back in that spot. It took a long time to grow out from the shaven state, but one of my student friends said it looked good when it grew out enough to cover my head. I call this the tennis ball haircut because when you run your fingers threw it you feel fuzz. This is also a style associated with European soccer players and is a popular men’s style. When I am tired of my attempts to grow out my hair, I get this cut, and it’s the one I got today.

As an adult I’ll keep a short haircut for awhile, and then I get the fantasy of having long hair. So I let it grow for awhile. In most cases, once my hair covers my ears, I break down and get the tennis ball haircut. Around 1999 to 2000 I had long hair to my neck, and there is a picture of me holding my infant nephew with floppy hair. Around 2006 or 2007 I had long hair. Maybe my memory is deluded but I think I get more of a response from the ladies when I have long hair. Up until this week I was planning on growing out my hair. There is one problem with this, in that I gained a few pounds. Perhaps anyone can pull off long hair, but I think I would look better lean and mean with hair like that.

Now that I have short hair again, I noticed my widows peak is a little larger than before. So perhaps this is the start of oncoming baldness. Long hair in combination with baldness is probably something to avoid.  I might be coming to the point in my life and career, that I should look clean and proper all the time.  My tendencies are sloppiness and embracing filth, but a lot of people, and a lot of females are turned off by that. Maybe it is a sentence of once of month haircuts and shaving everyday to be taken seriously as a professional. Maybe people have the same look all the time so people know who there are, and have it be an example of consistency. But I think after awhile of maintaining a certain look I get bored and decide to grow a beard or grow out my hair.

After writing all of this I realize my focus is in the wrong place. Perhaps I should focus on getting in shape and putting some effort in what I wear. I don’t think about my clothes hardly at all, I wear my stuff until there are holes in them, and I hardly ever buy new clothes.  Thinking about image may be superficial but it’s something I should consider doing because it’s part of adult life.  If I were to grade my look I would give myself a C or a C -.  Hair is not much of factor I’m convinced now, and style is more about the whole package.

Lastly with my new and current haircut I need to avoid wearing my hideous glasses in public even more than before.

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