July heat wave was no fun.

Blogging twice a week has proven to be tough for me. More than a week has passed since I wrote my last one. To be honest I might not have enough ideas or creativity to pull off updating twice a week. I’m not sure what to even blog about now. I think I’ll complain, complaining sometimes draws attention to a person, so if I have nothing substantial to contribute to the blogging world, I can always complain. On this entry I’ll blog about the heat wave we had last week.

I remember as a tween or teenager in Baltimore County one of my neighborhood skate friends asked me why I wore a turtleneck on a blazing summer day. I did not think of it as weird until he pointed it out, it was one of my favorite things to wear. Basically I didn’t mind sweating or the heat too much.  Throughout my teenage years in Baltimore County or the Toledo Ohio area I would be out all day on summer days. High heat and humidity did not bother me at all.

A couple of decades and about fifty pounds of extra weight has definitely changed my relationship with summer temperatures. All of last week it was hot, and I didn’t want to be outside much at all. On Thursday I worked late and had my lunch at around 3. The line for the bus going back to mainland Queens was long. Normally that time of day there is not a line for the bus, and I gathered that it was too hot for the beach goers, they were all going back to Queens or Brooklyn to their air conditioners and fans. The temperature peeked on Friday and was recorded to over a 100 degrees. On my lunch break that day I literally was sweating and had a hard time breathing just going to get a bite to eat on my lunch break.

Our little air conditioner in our apartment was taxed to the point of being useless and the extra fans just seemed to be circulating warm air. My sleep was erratic, and it even effected my mood, I was not my usual cherry self.

On Sunday I made plans with my skateboard meetup group to skate Astoria at 9 am. I did make it there, which I’m proud of because I usually sleep in way too much on the weekends. At 9 am on Sunday it was hot. My skating was worse than usual. I fell hard 3 times. I’m not sure if I was not awake enough or the heat effected me. I completely soaked a shirt, and I drank a large bottle of water and a vitamin water. By noon or earlier I was done with my session.  It rained lightly after that. When I got home from skating I showered, and then took a 2 hour nap.

Monday it really rained and the temperature finally cooled down.  On both Tuesday and Wednesday night I skated for about an hour and a half after work, basically until it got dark. On both of these evening sessions I had so much more fun than when I skated in the heat the past few times.

I have realized that I am sensitive to the heat. Maybe it’s the medication I take, or from carrying a few extra pounds, but I do not think I should be skating or doing activity when it is in the high 90’s. The last thing I need is a heat stroke. So I’ll try the early morning sessions again, and will enjoy the evening sessions. I don’t think I should be skating during the hot part of the day. Also August is usually the hottest month of the year.

This is kind of a disappointment, all through winter I looked forward to when I could skate regularly, and now summer is telling me my limitations. I guess I’ll aim for really concentrating on skating in fall, that is definitely the time I’m most comfortable and is my favorite season.

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