A fortnight, an IMac, and some skating

One fortnight, or two weeks has passed since I last blogged. My mind was occupied with computer woes, as my computer of 6 years had to go.  So, this is my first blog post on a Mac, and I can tell this may affect my blog, and will definitely affect my use of the computer.

Before I dwell down into my decisions of computer purchasing I’ll briefly recap my life of the past two weeks.  I’m sorry if going from two posts a week to nothing left family, friends, and fans out of the loop, but I was without the Internet during that time. Most of my out of work updates has to do with skating. With September the weather has been more reasonable and every weekend I skated. A mutual friend introduced me to someone local that wanted to get back into skating. So I have someone that lives really close by to skate with, and I managed to meet up with a few of my other skate friends in the past two weeks. In the summer I skated mostly Forest Park out of convenience, but it’s good to skate other places and with old dudes like myself.

Yesterday I skated flushing meadows with my friend Julian. Near the unisphere there are all these empty fountain squares, which is a great place to skate flat away from the crowds of people. Most of the day we stayed there.  We had a great game of s.k.a.t.e that I lost on a backside kickflip he did on his first try. I think we are both progressing which is cool. After a few hours we went to the Flushing Meadows Skate Park, and I eyed the ledge over the grate gap.  In a few tries I got a nose slide over the distance of the grate, and that made my day. It felt great and it is good. Maybe it’s the first step to overcoming my fear of ledges.  Yesterday I sweated a lot, but I’m excited about the upcoming fall weather.

Other than skating, I’ve been socializing with my library colleagues that live in the Rego Park area, and my new skate friend.  I think now it’s easy to get caught up in cyber worlds or other isolated endeavors, so I enjoy that I can meet with a few friends regularly, and solve the problems of the world. I think that I need to call some other people up and try to hang out with them before everyone hibernates for the winter.

Okay, my computer woes started when the Internet didn’t work, then it would take forever to load when it started. Everything was in slow motion with my old computer. My cable was busted way before the Internet went caput and I made an appointment for the cable company to look at both. The guy was nice and replaced the cable box so it worked. For the computer he opened up my memory or something that showed I was over the capacity allowed for the computer. The cable guy recommended Macs. My skate friend Julian recommended Macs, my sister heartily recommends them, and a plethora of other people told me they are good.

Last night my sister went with me to the Mac store, and I was impressed.  My sister is very patient and good-natured to spend time with me at that store. I think I got a good product, and liked the customer service compared to other major retailers. After hooking it up last night I realized there are some differences between Mac and PC’s. I think in a few weeks I’m going to like it more. For this blog I’m testing myself. I’m taking two pictures from flushing meadows from my email I took a few weeks ago. One is of Julian ollieing a cone, and the other of the fountain. And I took a picture from my Mac computer. If I can post those to my blog, I’ve already mastered a few blog skills I’ll need on a Mac.

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