Search terms that got people to my site.

Okay, I’ve always found this an interesting stat feature on wordpress, so I decided to share it in an entry. These are search terms that got browsers to look at my blog, as of November 12, 2011. These are from different search engines like google, yahoo, and more. I have no idea if these people read my blog or simply glanced and went elsewhere. Some of the terms are very entertaining to me. I should probably study these for things to try to write more on.  The only really thing I can decipher is maybe I should write more skate stuff. Any other bloggers or academic librarian friends of mine let me know what else I can tell about my blog from these search queries.
Search Views
mallisonwhat 41
shiloh greathouse jail 41
view from vegas hotel room 2011 15
hollywood park 10
fully flared dvd 8
what 8
keith richards life 7
tender is the night book club questions 7
drug themed books 7
bruised foot from drumming 7
world industries box set review 7
rain 6
why are pro skaters using 8″ decks all of a sudden 5
nyc libraries budget 2011 5
bruised foot 4
skateboard down hoover dam 4
nan grandma 4
volvo 760 turbo 4
ankle foot injury bruise 4
broken skateboard 4
skateboard upside down 4
jennifer habrych 4
world industries skate videos history 4
bruised foot arch 4
new york city budget 2011 libraries 4
astoria skate 4
head shaving against the grain roommate 4
golden fifties nyc 4
tribeca skate park 4
i cant believe its not buttery skateboard 4
mallison what 3
drastic haircut 3
skateboarder in nyc 3
portland rain 3
marcus mcbride blind 3
shiloh greathouse jail time? 3
tender is the night 3
best skate dvd 3
budget restored libraries ny 3
apartment and rain 3
hearts and flowers smallest violin 3
nyc budget for libraries 3
skateboard at night 3
colorado red rock 3
eye injury 3
kareem campbell 360 flip picnic table 3
foot injury 3
hug the library 3
skateboard deck 3
venture bones bushing setup 3
skateboard exercise 3
albuquerque “the library” bar and grill babes 2
lifestyle of european law 2
skateboarding good exercise 2
goodreads profile blog 2
world industries box set 2
library budget nyc 2
used skateboard 2
training log notebook 2
blog skateboard happy endings lower east side 31 2
red rock 2
raise my taxes blog 2
riverside park art 2
girl skateboards 2
do skaet 2
the lot bronx skate 2
my history of writing 2
dr. dre pre 1990 songs/video 2
bronx park skatepark 2
foot bruised along bottom in a line 2
mental illness painting “public domain” 2
keith richards “life” 2
tender is the night group questions 2
chop my hair off 2
party in the park portside toledo oh 2
sport vs exercise 2
short hair styles for the larger lady 2
bo jason dill 20 short sequences 2
my attempts at humor 2
skateboard 2
fear of flying vs tropic of cancer 2
headbanger’s ball video archives 1990-1995 2
central park + skateboarding +2011 2
picture under skate 2
videos vhs de skateboarding 2
skateboard parts 2 2
rain falling 2
yopu tube snoopdog vedeos from 1990 all the songs 2
rockaway beach skatepark – queens, new york, united states 2
crack dam 2
city budger queens nyc librarys june 2011 2
keith richards friends mentioned in book 2
world industries box set ebay 2
“jeremy klein” + 2010 2
shiloh greathouse in jail 2 intitle:blog intext:getting-in-shape intext:links 2
what train do you take to get to astoria skatepark 2
i cant believe its not buttery deck 2
art students league m2m nyc 2
foot injuries heard pop 2
2011 writing 2
respect my parents and my blog 2
library budget cycle 2
garbage dumpster 2
reviews the cuckoo’s nest skateboard collective 2
skate key bronx ny 2
i cant believe its not buttery girl skateboard jeron wilson 2
the mills brothers – chronological 2
keith richards his plays favorites 2
practice skateboarding tricks dvd 2
rolled my ankle on a curb 2
best drug themed books 2
south street skatepark hudson ma 2
portside toledo 2
alien workshop omar salazar deck 2
bruise fall injury 2
my skateboard broken 2
coles lane step street bronx 2
skateboard workout 2
skateboard deck used 2
habrych, jennifer 2
pretentious writing 2
girl i cant believe its not buttery deck 2
astoria queens 2
my individuel skateboard deck 2
world’s smallest violin playing hearts and flowers 2
w. wayne bunker family park 2
plan b skate box sets 2
tribeca skatepark 2
a skateboard upside down 2
palms sign 2
palms vegas sign 2
skateboard av sesion 2
daewon song baby skateboard 2
nyc library hug 2
do you have to wear pads at forest hill skate park flushing queens 2
dumpster full of food 2
skateboard workouts 2
figure skating injury feet 2
electric picnic forest rave 1
daniel castillo new world order 1
learning skateboarding as an adult 1
my weekend was great but it was little short 1
tender is the night book group 1
skate places blogs 1
skateboarding is exercise 1
world industries love child 1
world industries raw footage 1
“i looked silly” blizzard 1
smoked salmon skateboard 1
i♥skateboarding 1
lesson learned from tender is the night 1
reflection of my writing improvement 1
what is better for my knee running or skating 1
bigger thomas + hitler 1
what are some writing goals of second year college students 1
is skateboarding a good exercise 1
shiloh greathouse prison 1
is skateboarding good exercise 1
Смотреть Мировой Бокс 1
bald shaving 1
skateboarding reading exercise 1
getting in shape for skateboarding 1
new deal 1992 skateboards 1
skatboarder broken ankle 1
worker skateboard 1
 skateboard 1
wooden jungle gym plan -swing -slides -cat -reptile -uk -baby 1
city of thieves discussion for book clubs 1
world industrues box set review 1
greg lutzka can’t hack it in street league 1
cruising the strip 1
pros who attended maloof money cup 2011 1
less people use libraries due to technology 1
best blues book according to keith richards 1
world’s smallest violin playing hearts & flowers 1
my favorite culbs 1
jazz track from goldfish skate movie 1
what’s wrong with paul rodriguez at street league 2011 1
“nora64” 1
maloof skateboarding 2011 contests 1
statement of why not to drink 1
how to get to tribeca skatepark chamber using the f train 1
book club questions tender is the night 1
skateboarding in astoria oregon 1
does daewon song smoke weed 1
why was shiloh greathouse in jail 1
kareem campbell bring the pain 1
salmon rushdie – outside the whale 1
my parents bookshelf 1
“nyma” hazing 1
world industries trilogy soundtrack 1
skateboard backgrounds for computer 1
shiloh greathouse, jail 1
gym skating machine 1
new years eve broke 1
slick rick shiloh greathouse 1
how to write out year 2011 1
cold war skate and scab bored 1
gideon choi blind skateboard 1
skateboarding is a lot of exercise because… 1
facebook foot 1
foot injury pics 1
why shiloh greathouse goes to jail 1
ankle and foot injuries 1
is there alot of skaters by rego park nyc 1
how has my writing since the first year of college? 1
skateboard injury 1
henry miller mental illness 1
kids drawing skateboard 1
buttery 1
world industries box set dvd review 1
woodstock music you tube 1
salman agah 1
i ♥ skateboard 1
how to write about current goals 1
native son book 1 goals 1
shiloh greathouse pro skater 1
“chris cole” workout routine 1
why tender is the night is divided into 3 parts 1
me and my skater friends 1
why are my skateboard wheels smooth on ramps 1
skateboard side 1
skateboard deck tech deck trashed 1
skateboarding vs running exercise 1
skateboard decks ice cream skate team 1
youtube music the woodstock collection 1
tribeca manhattan 1
skate broken table 1
i cant believe its not buttery skate 1
johnny rodiguez practice makes perfect 1
fear of flying by erica jong was banned 1
youtube theme to woodstock 1
rap music from nineties you tube 1
world industries menace 101 1
gino iannucci trilogy song 1
world industries box set dvd 1
what are my current goals as a writer? 1
lose speed on mini ramp 1
jovontae turner 1
richard mulder song in las nueve vidas de paco 1
tribe from around the wolrd youtube clips videos 1
erica jong quotation interpretation 1
chris isaac music videos youtube 1
old school headbanger’s ball clips on youtube 1
roller blading paris problem knee 1
world industries skateboards 1
world industries randy colvin skater 1
world industries ads 1992, vallely 1
skate world trilogy review 1
http://www.mazey star you tube 1
stone bruise on ankle 1
smoothest skater 1
skateboarding as exercise 1
skateboarding for exercise 1
spike jonze song on rubbish heap 1
matt allison mallisonwhat 1
how do i send someone a link to my goodreads profile? 1
how long do world industries last 1
les skatepark raining 1
going to gym and skateboarding 1
music clip i never growen up 1
erica jung inner self 1
stack of vhs tapes 1
letter friend my weekends 1
psychotic episode erica jong first husband 1
tribeca sunset 1
running vs skateboarding exercise 1
sunsets 1
world industries new world order 1
what song is in the first part of rubbish heap rodney mullen 1
oil city skatepark review 1
henry miller on fear of flying 1
new york city budget libraries 2011 1
fear of flying erica jong banned book 1
hearts and flowers on the world’s smallest violin 1
my writing history 1
alien workshop skateboards 1
snowing sunset 1
tim meadows 1
girl buttery skateboard 1
lavar mcbride skate bio age 1 1
blog: 1
“randy calvin” and “world industries” 1
wordl industries longs 1
skater keith reed 1
book log 1
practice writing 2011 1
2011 كتابه 1
my broken board 1
compare beautiful and the damned and tender is the night 1
tender is the night autobiography 1
2011 writing photo 1
we plan our vacation to las vegas 1
library future 1
fear of flying explanation jong 1
hearts and flowers just for you violin 1
what year did world industries 20 shot sequence come out 1
“the world’s smallest violin playing hearts and flowers” 1
adult skateboarding exercise 1
broken board 1
fear of freedom 1
passed out and hit head from drinking 1
shiloh backside 360 handrail 1
not playing violin for two weeks 1 1
erica jong book 1
dudebarn 1 1
rodney mullen rubbish heap spike jones 1
josh kasper skateboard for sale 1
read by keith richards 1
enrique lorenzo skate education 1
raising taxes is a good thing 1
keith richards does not sleep 1
wat train do i take to get to astoria skatepark 1
rossford skate ramp 1
skateboard contest astoria oregon 2011 1
elizabeth allison arslan 1
“i’m only happy when it rains” garbage essay 1
what are the advantages to a wider skateboard deck 1
keith richards life blog 1
rockaway taco 1
why ispersonal hostory is important 1
“my back was killing me” blog 1
skateboarding dvd 1
2011-2012 nyc council budtet 1
new york city library budget cuts 2011-2012 1
new york city library budget agreement 1
final 2011-2012 budget for queens library 1
did paul rodriguez compete in the maloof money cup 2011 1
what ismy take on pop culture 1
nyc library budget 1
nyc library budget 2011 1
new york city budget cuts july 1
vegas vacation slots 1
scratched skateboard 1
my short drastic haircut 1
libraries new york budget 1
2011 nyc library budget cuts 1
astoria great skate 2011 1
should not drink entery drink 1
maloof money cup 2011 nyc review security 1
extensive outline 1
why did chris cole not attend maloof 1
photos new york hug a library 1
keith richards discussion points for book club 1
“keith richards” discussion questions for book club 1
my day`s diary 1
stair railing skating 1
old skate video 1
24 hour read-in 1
is the rolling stones keith richards book worth reading? 1
tender is the night reading group questions 1
skate vhs tapes 1
how awesome will my weekend be 1
new york city budget 2011-2012 1
where do u have skateboard competition in new york city 1
who won the ametuer contest at the maloof cup 2011 1
“shaved my head” 1
ny city 2012 budget library 1
nyc libraries budget 1
nypl budget cuts june 24 2011 5 days a week 1
“hug the library” 1
real skateboard vhs 1
i skateboard and go to the gym 1
henry miller essay on fear of flying 1
henry miller on fear of flying essay in book 1
tender of the night is my fovorite book because 1
competitiveskateboarding 1
fear of flying 1
2012 library budget new york city june 1
nyc library budget june 2011 1
last day it rained in albuquerque 1
nyc council budget 2011-2012 1
what are the library cuts in nyc budget for 2012 1
“nyc libraries budget 2011” 1
cut my hair off short 1
nypl cut hours 5 day a week 1
nyc budget 2011 cuts libraries 1
nyc budget library 1
library budget cuts nyc june 24 1
budget nyc libraries 2011 1
updates on nyc budget cuts 2011 1
nyc library budgets cuts 2012 1
extensive novel outline 1
maloof money cup 2011 nyc review 1
self improvement 1
skater tapes 1
deck of a skateboard 1
volvo 760 breaking 1
portside downtown toledo 1
how to cement two bricks 1
skateboard video fansd 1
fall day drawing 1
daewon song jail time 1
skateboarding dvds 1
libraries as bookstores 1
old skate decks 1
only rain 1
mens short hair styles 1
sitting down to write a novel 1
cut my hair short 1
under skateboard 1
read life by keith richards online 1
facial styles for men 1
vegas vacation blog slots 1
skating field trip do and don’ts 1
triumph art blog 1
henry miller “fear of flying” review 1
book club of one 1
inconsistent gym workouts 1
mallison wordpress 1
skateboarder workout 1
floppy bangs short hiar 1
foodie nation 1
hoyt park astoria 29th st 1
volvo 760 turbo black 1
keith richards – life (2011) 1
how public libraries would survive budget cuts 1
drug theme book 1
news skate 1
6 week workout cycle 1
high resolution picture curvy river 1
the real rocky dennis mom dad and brother 1
my books on literature 1
cortland skatepark 1
skateboard field 1
skateboarding injury 1
drug theme 1
plan b kareem campbell slick 1
cool skate park 1
unisphere 1
good feild trips in the bronx 1
nyjah huston skateboard 1
growing out short hair blog 1
cover back dvd skate zero strange world 1
skateboarding dvd blog 1
diary writing of good day of my 1
david gonzalez skater 1
view art 1
old skateboard videos 1
plan b box set 1
bruised ankle tan 1
skateboard in the rain 1
old school skate decks 1
alphabet their eyes were watching god 1
habitat skateboarding vhs 1
skateboards in the 1950’s 1
andy kessler 1
image funny cow from the side 1
my new short hair 1
which 2 skaters had a gnarly collision back in europe in 1997 1
jean-paul deryk sculpteur 1
what is the difference between flow, am and pro skateboarders 1
libraryworld compatibility 1
long hair cut my sister videos 1
2 skaters had a gnarly collision back in europe ’97 1
name 3 habitat riders who have had covers for skateboarder and what tricks they were doing 1
link to goodreads profile 1
last days in ulu 1
subway performer violin “rain keeps falling” 1
chris cole no maloof cup 1
doğa 1
skate shop manhattan 1
quit wasting time on the computer 1
matt allison’s blog skate 1
central park 1
skateparks near hoover dam 1
my gym regimen blog 1
book review for city of thieves bybenioff 1
inconsistant exercizer 1
skate dvds 1
25 million dollars for queens library 1
in what show did brandon novak get his top of his head shaved 1
“stop wasting time on facebook and youtube” 1
world library blog 1
my good diary 1
the best karaoke blogs 1
i skated so much today 1
controversal books of the 1970’s 1
nyjah huston 2011 haircut 1
blog cut het hair short 1
long hair styles for latina women 60 and older 1
3 lifestyle your place or mine ?grammer talking about the future can do write a letter of complaint top cities 1
karaoke bars for teens in the bronx 1
drug theme books 1
fan skateboarding video 1
affect ebook libraries 1
facebook “people from my past” 1
farm cleaning blogs 1
the ollie has come into its own as the foundation for 80% of street tricks and about 60% of vert tricks, with the focus being on more technical and larger tricks. 1
andy kessler day 1
skateboarding vacations 1
fear and loathing in las vegas themes 1
workout skateboarding 1
my hair cut so short i 1

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