Focus or take it easy, goal blog 163

My past two blog entries were on actual topics. Those entries were geek out skate entries, but searchable online. My views did go up in the past week from writing on topics that people search for. In the future I’ll do more of this review or article type writing. But on this entry I’m going to digress back into the diary type blogging. Mostly I’m going to talk about my lack of focus and figure out why I’m procrastinating with my writing, gym, and skate goals.

A few weeks ago I was talking to my good friend about my writing goals. She said she did not have writing or any other goals for that matter. Her life was work and having fun. My roommate also said at some points he concentrates on work while not setting a lot of other goals for success. I wish I could be happy with simply work and living my life. Somehow I’m always plotting on ways to become a good writer, a better skater, or get in better shape. I’m always future oriented, if I work enough at something I may be able to succeed. Working full time while trying to be a good writer, and my other ambitions take solid time management.

About two weeks ago my use of time went haywire when I stopped going to the gym. I think I missed a few days, and thought maybe I should take a break until after the Thanksgiving holiday, at that point almost three weeks into the future. My mind wrapped around the idea that I could write my short story for my class, and skate more on weekends.  A true blue consistent person would not even consider taking that amount of time off unless injured.  I had a flimsy justification to stop exercising. Over night my schedule allowed me more time and I ended up going out more. An exercise routine is important, and necessary for people like me.

I did have a book to read for the work book club, which took up a lot of my days last week because I started it late. I’m happy I had a few solid blog entries, but I am disappointed that I did not start my story that I was suppose to turn in today. My writing class is great, it’s a good group, and every week afterwards I feel inspired. But I missed last week’s class, and should be practicing more what I learn in there. I asked today at the end of the class if the teacher recommends writing as a routine, or when a idea comes to you. He recommended twice a week, but definitely a routine as opposed to once in awhile. So perhaps a good goal would be the gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And I would write fiction on Tuesday and Thursday nights. On weekends I could skate and write a blog entry. I’m wondering to get better if I should structure my off time to that extent, day by day.

However, I’ve had a lot of fun the past two weeks, I enjoy going out.  Maybe I should lighten up, be more spontaneous, and not be hard on myself.  Making it as a writer is such a lofty goal, I could practice every night for the next 30 years and success may not happen. I’m 34, and probably won’t progress too much at skateboarding, and will always be intermediate level, not a ripper. Getting in good shape is possible, but I learned from my running days that looking good is not life changing for me.

I’m glad I have people to hang out with, and want to keep my friendships. I think I can balance my schedule with going out some, but still focus on my ambitions. My ambitions are not negative pursuits they are simply to be good at writing and skating.  I remember someone saying to me, ‘if you’re not hard on yourself, who will be?’ I think that phrase makes sense as self-motivation. People have to push themselves to have any attempt at success.

I know my goals and what I want to do. I just need to not get sidelined, and practice enough that I progress at my endeavors, instead of them being a daydream fantasy of unrealistic success.

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