Trying to accept the fact I can’t grow full beards by shaving

More than ten days have passed since I wrote up a blog entry.  Should one write about anything to keep a schedule or should one wait until they have something to write about? From my experience with blogging, it needs to be regular, which means at least once a week. Then you get views from the people you email the post, and those that see it on facebook, twitter, and other sites.  But the more your write on different subjects the more searches can get to your blog.  Because of that I think more is better, and it only takes one media person to link a post on a major site to get exposure. I really do not have much to talk about today, so I’m going to stoop low and talk about hair, facial hair that is.

For the past few winters I got the itch to grow a beard.  My facial hair is not the fullest, and is kind of straggly. To a certain point it looks good. One friend 3 or 4 years ago told me the trick is to shave your neck, and that gives some boundaries for the beard and makes it look better. I decided in early November to grow a beard so I would have one for my thanksgiving holiday. I had my beard until tonight, and other than shaving my neck every few days I did not trim it at all.

Over dinner on Sunday, my sister kind of looked at my beard and said, “It’s starting to look a little wild.”  With that statement she kind of had a smile or an expression to make me think it was getting out of control.  My sister is a very smart woman, and knows a lot about fashion. She told me years ago never to buy pleated slacks, but always get flat front slacks. And she is right.

Anyway, my beard was freshly on my mind. On Monday morning after a quick shower before work I headed out toward the bus stop. I put my hand on my beard and noticed it was still wet. We have had some super warm weather recently, but what happens when it does get really cold.  Would I have a frozen beard? When I eat pizza, does the grease stay on my beard and chin? If my nose starts running, would the snot stay on my mustache?  I’m not a neat freak, but maybe it’s called being ‘clean’ shaven because it’s more hygienic.

Today at work, my beard is still on my mind. I asked a few coworkers. Someone pointed out either trim it or shave it off.  A few customers made funny but nice comments on it, so I decided I would shave it off. Originally I planned to keep it until April, but I guess I’m a quitter.

On the bus ride home I saw a dude that had a thick beard. I could grow it until next thanksgiving, and mine would not look like a manly beard. So I came home and walked to my barber, but the barber closed at seven. So I got some food, came home, and started the long process of shaving. I started with a small pair of scissors I use to trim my nose hair. And then I found a disposable razor, and then I used the expensive razor. This felt like it took a long time.

One thing I was on the fence about shaving my beard was if I did that at the barber, I would have to get a hair cut too. But by shaving myself I can continue to let my hair grow.

I’m not trying to tell people not to grow beards with this blog entry, but encourage people to try different things and do what works. For me, I don’t think facial hair works, unless I spent time styling it, which I won’t do.

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