Some rare skate footage of myself

Okay it took me a 2 nights to figure out how to post my 4 tiny skate clips. Last night I tried to embed it from facebook. Today on my Mac I played around with Imovies, and found out how to put them together. Then I got the idea that I need to post it on youtube, so I now have a youtube account. That will give me some incentive to get a camcorder.

These clips are from the fall. The one with the stairs is at Astoria Park a fun park. For a long time after I started back skating I would not do drops of any kind. So these are small steps but I’m glad I can commit and simply ollie them. My friend Mark from the group filmed them on his cell for me, which was nice.

The other three clips are at flushing meadows park. The nose slide and the manual are from the skate park.  The other one was in one of the hundreds of empty fountains, that morning the unisphere was closed. My friend Eric filmed those for me on his cell.

This skating is not too great, but I’m glad I have a few clips to show that I’m not all talk.

8 thoughts on “Some rare skate footage of myself

  1. Hey Matt, would like to view but when I click on link it takes me to a Facebook page that won’t let me in. Did you paste these in your HMTL editor when you posted?

  2. I might have to delete this one and start over or edit it. I think I should try to put the original clips on there if i can.
    Oh well, not everything can work.
    thanks brigitte.

  3. You should just be able to click on the HTML tab (when you are writing or cutting and pasting from a document) and paste the links in it that way. Then preview and the clips/videos should show up. I even found a way to resize the videos. Good luck and hope to see them soon!

  4. Thanks Brigette, I decided just to edit it into youtube. A lot of work to figure out how to post about a minute of footage. Geez.

  5. So cool! Where exactly is this park? Queens? Would love to visit. Great job, BTW.

  6. Thanks Brigitte,
    Three of the clips are at flushing meadows. It’s where the Mets play and the US open of tennis is each year. The other skate park is Astoria, which has a great view of the east river and Manhattan from Queens side.

  7. Thanks for posting these, Matt. Now I finally can *see* what an ollie looks like! And I can also see that I will never manage a single ollie in my life. Bravo!!! 🙂

  8. Thanks Chitra! Looking forward to our writing group later this month.

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