My First day with a camera/camcorder. Skate/beach/random


On Thursday I slept in until 4 pm on my day off. I didn’t go out the night before but for whatever reason I felt tired. Today, Saturday, I feel tired and hope a cold is not coming on again. Anyway what do you do when you sleep until 4 pm and your day is pretty much over? I did what I’ve wanted to do for a few weeks now. I walked down to Bestbuy, and bought myself a digital camera with video capabilities. The purchase was relatively painless. I explained I liked taking photos on my cell and wanted to try out a camera. The sales person seemed knowledgeable and quickly I bought the Cannon Power Shot 300 HS.

On my lunch break at work I walked down to the beach and played around with it. The photos are great, and I took one video on the beach. I realized on the beach that I’m going to have a fun time with my new toy.

I was able to leave work a little early yesterday and I went to Forest Park Skate Park, in hopes to get a few tricks on film. Rain threatened the sky. Quickly after warming up I asked a local skater, James, if he could film me for a few minutes. I was hoping to get five or six tricks in a row on the bank and call it a day. But as soon as I started the area became more crowded with scooter kids.  Also I haven’t been filmed that much, and it is different, you feel kind of a pressure not to waste the other skater’s time who is filming.  I got four tricks on the bank after numerous tries. Watching them on film I realize I do not come anywhere near the full rotation for the switch frontside 360. My kickflips and my switch frontside varials were fine. On the nollie bigspin, and maybe for a lot of tricks I do a lot of foot shuffling, instead of firmly landing on the bolts.

Last night I edited the photos and video I had and I put it on youtube.  It took awhile to make it work, but with the combination of the instructions and simply googling questions I was able to upload it. Hopefully more will come.

The embedded video is my youtube link for the photos and film I took yesterday. The picture is of my new camera. This picture is most likely the last to be taken from my cell phone. I’m putting my cell phone in retirement, but it worked well and helped develop my interest in photography.

4 thoughts on “My First day with a camera/camcorder. Skate/beach/random

  1. Hey Matt – good to see you skating – and enjoying yourself! Boy, it all looks very very hard. Kudos to you. Btw, my blog address has changed — its now — if you’d like to update your blogroll with the new address. Thanks!

  2. I updated my blog roll to link to your new blog address. Looking forward to see what you’ll do with you’re blog. When I looked a few days ago all your stuff was deleted.

  3. Matt, this is very cool and your video looks great! Loved how the shots fade in and out and the film strip edging on it — how did you do that? Look forward to more your videos and be careful!! :).

  4. Thanks Brigitte. It took me awhile to figure. Imovies did most of the little things like fading out. I realized afterwards that adding music is incredible easy, but I don’t want to break copyright law. I’ll try to catch up on your blogs soon Brigitte, your too quick for me. You posting every other day, keep it up.

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