Skate mission at Flushing Meadows results in youtube clip

For people that got introduced to my blog from last week’s entry ‘Don’t Judge Libraries with Future Forecasts,’ skateboarding is my main personal interest. On my blog I write about all of my interests. My goal now is to write entries on skateboarding on Sunday nights, and I’ll write more library advocacy blogs on Wednesday nights until the budget concerns clear up.

I really like the new Cannon camera I have. Last week on the youtube clip I posted I simply went to Forest Park to get a few tricks. This weekend I was on a mission to get plenty of tricks at Flushing Meadows. I ended up being there with two of my friends from about 11 to 5. I packed a lunch and snacks, and kind of camped out.

Over the day we kind of learned to follow the person skating. By the end of the day we could keep the camera level. I tried to make it fun. For us getting anything on film is okay. I didn’t want myself to try the same trick for a long period of time, and force someone else to film it. I don’t think that is cool for people that are not sponsored or trying to be sponsored to expect someone to film for hours. I wanted to get a noseslide to shuv it out, but after several tries I gave it up because it was taking me too long. I think my friends enjoyed the day too, the weather is perfect this time of year.

Originally I was going to edit skating from both Saturday and Sunday, but I ended up editing a lot last night. Since we were not going for best tricks or hard stuff, I had to really clip seconds and not use some falls to get it down to 4 minutes. I was up until one last night. Since it was time consuming I thought two days of footage would be more so. In a blur past one last night I put it the edit on youtube. I definitely have a newfound respect for filmmaking.  One day of footage was a lot to sort through. I can’t imagine sorting through years of footage that the pro skate videos do. I guess there’s a huge difference to be happy to have any footage like I am, and trying to put out the absolute best footage like the skate company aim for.

Today I slept late but got to skate quite a bit, and that’s how I like my weekends. Let me know what you think of my video edit!

2 thoughts on “Skate mission at Flushing Meadows results in youtube clip

  1. Very cool, Matt and love The Pretenders song you put with it. This is a HUGE park — looks as if you and your buds had a great time. The ending, with you falling, is perfect. :).

  2. Thanks for watching and reading Brigitte!

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