Slappy Sunday, and filming an edit on May 6, 2012

I heard about Slappy Sundays on NY Skateboarding facebook feeds.  I’ve gone four times now and it’s a great thing. Originally it started in San Diego, NYC was added, and I think more places might start it. A slappy is a trick from the late 1980’s and it’s basically grinding on a curb without ollieing into it. So as you can imagine in 2012 this is kind of a retro thing, and old dudes like myself have fun with it. The NYC Slappy Sundays meets at Astor Square near NYU at 3 on Sundays.

I feel with this I’m meeting more NYC skaters my age, and more people that have been involved in the scene. And today I got a few slappy grinds, it’s a trick that had it’s hey day before I really got into skating. Also I don’t know why people stopped skating curbs, they are fun and easy to find. I saw some good skating, but I didn’t feel out of place with my intermediate level of skating. About an hour into the session I went across the street to a coffee place to use the bathroom, and I waited at least 20 minutes. When I came back to the session people were leaving, apparently the cops told everyone to move it along. I think it was more the twenty skaters, and probably noticeable to people in the area. But it was a lot of fun, and I’ll go the sessions in June if they are still going on.

I didn’t skate that much by the time it broke up, and wanted to skate more. I decided to scoot over to the Tribeca skate park in Peir 25 by the water.  Along the way I started to take photos, and I found this one empty and curving side street. So I shot film simple riding down the street. The commute was longer than I thought so I took several photos and along the bike path recorded film while skating. At Tribeca I did not get much actual skating. My friend Sam almost got a big ollie from the A-frame to the flat bottom, but a broken board ended his session.

I was not sure if I should make an edit of the day, or wait on the footage. Working in Imovie was a lot simpler this time because there was less footage. So I made an edit, and put a fun song to it. The overall look of it I like with the photos and the parts that I’m skating on the road or the bike trail. So in the future I’ll need to be sure to take photos, and decide how much I want them to be skate videos or simply images that I like. Also maybe I don’t need to make them in one day.

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