Ignoring Looming Rain Slippery Sunday Turns Into Epic Skate Day

This might be my shortest blog entry word wise ever. I thought I’d take a little time to describe this youtube clip. Every Sunday in NYC a great thing is going on in the skate world. It’s called ‘Slappy Sundays’ and is named after a late 1980’s trick of grinding on a curb without ollying. Slap slop it on the curb anyway you can and it counts! Every Sunday skaters meet at Astor Square at 3 in the afternoon.

Both Skateboarder Magazine and Transworld have given coverage to this event on their websites. It started in San Diego, now is in NYC and is popping up in more places. I feel after going to several of these I’m feeling part of the NYC skate scene, whereas before I’d only skate the parks.

On this Sunday around 3 it rained. I got a text from my friend Sam telling me he was going to try to go anyway. I was in midtown and went down there. The rain stopped and it dried. I saw through facebook mobile the Slappy crew went to a lower Manhattan bar. My friend Sam and I wanted to skate and skated in the direction of the bar. At a cool little park with a weird water fountain I got the good intro clips as Sam. I lost my bushing at that spot, my trucks were too loose and the bolt fell off. I couldn’t find the bushing at all. We headed to Shut skates and saw the Tre Truck, it’s like an ice cream truck but sells skate stuff. They gave me an extra bushing, which was cool. After briefly going into Shut we saw our friend Simon who told us everyone was at a bar. The pavement was dry, so we went in the bar and said hello to a whole lot of people. Then Sam, Simon, and I risked the looming rain and went skating.

I thought Simon knew local spots, but we started skating fast. The first spot was a barrier to a road along the east river. I didn’t film there but it was fun. Then we skated south. I am out of shape and was breathing hard while skating from place to place. I’m so used to setting up shop at a park, I’m not accustomed anymore to use a skateboard as transit. When we got to Wall Street we had a lot of fun quickly, and I realized why street skating in NYC is considered one of the best places in the world.

This was truly a fun skate day, a return to more of a youthful type of skating with more of a sense of exploring the urban surroundings.  Most days of skating I will go to various skate parks, but once in a while I’d like to have more street sessions.

Hope you enjoy this skate edit!

2 thoughts on “Ignoring Looming Rain Slippery Sunday Turns Into Epic Skate Day

  1. tell the camera guy to shut up

  2. Very true. That is me cheering on. I learned my lesson and will try to keep my mouth shut from now on.

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