Some youtube clips you might have missed

In June I didn’t write at all in my blog, but I skated quite a bit. I filmed some too. I had two edits posted on youtube in the past month. Today I posted one from footage I filmed on my vacation in Toledo Ohio and one trick at a Chicago park. I’ll post them in the order that I put them on youtube.

Shortly after Go skate day (June 21, 2012) I had very little footage, but a funny clip of a model passing us by. Being creative I put the kickflip in slow motion, even though it might not merit slow motion.

The second one is an edit from a night session in midtown Manhattan in July. It was super fun. My friends Sam Parks, Simon Heath and I skated for about three hours and covered a lot of ground. They skated well, and that night gave me some confidence with steps or drops. The 3 stair I ollied down was high. Before we started filming I did a 4 stair. I’m happy I at least bailed a 5 stair, don’t think I’m ready to commit to that.

Lastly, I put this together today. It’s from footage from my vacation I took in late May. It’s not much skating, but I think an entertaining golf exchange with my friend, Jeffrey Michaels. Most of my edits since I began editing have been sessions from one day, on this one the footage is from multiple days, and stuff I haven’t posted.  The golf was not the first thing filmed either, but in my mind the best fitting intro to this. So I hope I’m getting better at editing film, I enjoy it.



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