Gracing a fashion blog, and making a skate clip. It was a good day

Two things happened in my skate world today. I got on a fashion blog, and I edited a clip from tonight’s skate session. As the time is almost 12:30 am, I will keep this entry brief.

First I’ll talk about the fashion blog. Three Sundays ago I was skating the Astor Square curb with the Slappy Sunday crew.  This woman with an accent walked up to me and asked if she could take my picture for her style blog. She liked my shirt that read I love NYC with the heart symbol for love.  She took it, and I asked her what her blog was so I could check, and she gave me a business card with her blog and other info on it.  That seems like a good way to promote a blog, to take pictures, let the people know, and pass out business cards. I wonder if I should get mallisonwhat business cards made.

Anyway I checked her blog almost everyday to see if my picture was posted and browsed her site, she is Australian.  My picture went up today. It’s a good picture and looking at her blog she’s a skilled photographer. The blog is . And here is the link to the picture of me!

Secondly, tonight I met me friend Simon Heath who is also Australian and lives in Queens. We skated for about two hours and that is enough after a workday. We pushed around mostly looking for spots. We were on the look out for stuff to skate. The first thing we stopped at was the grass gap in this clip. Simon popped over it with ease. For me it was a challenge and I feel good pushing myself a little bit. I got it clean, and decided to break out the camera, and it was a no go. On the clip I show four or so attempts just to show that I really tried it and that I got close. I think a little more speed and I need to get out of the habit of stamping down my feet when I land my ollies. Old habits die hard, but I’m optimistic that I can improve my ollie.

After skating that gap we pushed around and saw a sidewalk bump to play around on. I don’t think the camera does this justice. The landing when going downhill was kind of difficult and fast. Simon got good ollies on it, and I’m glad I figured out how to land a switch 180 going down hill.

It was a good night, and we enjoyed filming too which I hope comes out through the video clip.

2 thoughts on “Gracing a fashion blog, and making a skate clip. It was a good day

  1. Congrats, Matt. You’re now famous on the internet, styling on a fashion blog! Watched your video and tell me, do you stay permanently bruised? :). Looks like you’re having a blast. Plus, where are you and your friend skating? There’s no people on the sidewalks….strange for NYC. Great post.

  2. Thanks Brigette. This is in the middle of queens. We started out in forest hills whicH is a good area And very suburban. We even spotted a few McMansions

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