A learning experience with Imovie by reediting footage

In my self-interest of promoting my blog as well as my youtube channel, this is super short entry about the video I posted tonight.

All of this footage with the exception of Simon’s ollie over the cone has been in previous videos, but tonight’s edit was a good learning experience. In my older edits I would post the footage from one day or a skate session. On this one I looked at footage from multiple days. The tricks are not necessarily in chronological order like my previous edits. So I had to evaluate the order of the tricks.

I also tried to make this in individual parts like a traditional skate video. The past two months skating regularly have been great. I’m enjoying skating with Simon and Sam, and it’s a bonus that they are both cool with filming a little bit too once in awhile.

From tonight’s edit I learned two things. First and most importantly I learned that after importing the footage into Imovie, to leave it in the Imovie cue.  About a month ago I deleted the forest hills and fresh meadows footage in an effort to make it simpler. That footage was gone, and I could not find in my desktop or hard drive. So in the future I’ll just leave the footage in the work cue of Imovie. Secondly I learned how to add titles and credits, and I hope it has a more polished look to it.

At the end I added credits that a full movie was dropping in fall. That is kind of stated in an attempt at humor, but why not have a goal of filming more!

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