Youtube post super late sunday night

In the complete self interest of promoting my blog and my youtube channel I’m posting this entry simply to highlight a youtube clip posted very late sunday night.

I had a great skate day sunday.  I got home late, but still connected my camera to the computer. I think editing is becoming easier, I’m learning little tricks like adding names, and I’m starting to enjoy the process. As far as the edit goes I’m happy with it. But I made some typos probably because it was late at night and time consuming, In the intro of the clip in states Sunday, August 13th, but the date was actually August 12th. Also in the youtube title I put an exclamation point instead of the number 1. Goes to show that I’m prone to make typos in any type of writing I attempt, and after 1 am I’m unlikely to write anything correctly.

In general I’m skating more and having fun. I’m glad I have a crew of friends to skate with regularly.  I’ll keep this short and hopefully typo free.

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