Embracing the visual artist within, 2 edits to be proud of.

I need to do a better job with promoting the blog and youtube channel as an entity, they are one and the same.

About three weeks ago skating midtown we messed around on the Lincoln Center steps. My friend Simon has a film background, and he sort of stabilized the camera. And he told us to try to skate within that frame. That meant manuals. After a few minutes I fell and Sam fell as a couple passed by. Simon said it looked great. On the subway ride to Queens that night we talked about what was possible with the footage. The next day through mass emails we tossed ideas back and forth for the text. The result I think is funny, and a learning point for me to play around with the text on the videos. Whoot!

This second edit, is the end of the summer edit. I think this summer I got my skating legs back, and I have a crew to skate with now.  After a knee injury I started back skating in the summer of 2009. I averaged at least once a week skating and progressed over those few years. But this summer in August and September I averaged skating 4 times a week. And I’m skating with my friends Simon and Sam who are really good skaters who have great ollies. Watching and skating with them made me more amped to skater faster and do the basics better. I have quite a bit of footage now, and I’ll keep filming. Hopefully I’ll get better at editing too.

I think now skating and editing are my hobbies outside of work. At some point I’ll write again, but this is what I want to spend my time on.

Enjoy the end of summer edit!

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