Mallisonwhat and NYCOBS proudly present ‘Peter Pan Syndrome

Okay, yesterday I saw my friend Mike W at the Bowl-A-Roma competition at the Pier 62 park in the morning. The masters devision was impressive, but we decided to go skate the LES park. It was almost two weeks since my last skate, so I had the itch, and we scooted over to the LES. In 2008 I did injure myself on the pyramid there doing a frontside shuv-it. I did a split and had a slight tare in my ACL (knee). Yesterday I tried a few frontside shuv-its on the new pyramid which is modeled on the old one. I did the frontside shuv-it with ease, and asked my friend Mike W to film it for me. Somehow it took me a lot more tries to land it while the camera was rolling. I thank Mike W for being patient.

After having this on film my mind started wondering. I thought of maybe a slow motion spoof with ‘Chariots of Fire’ as the soundtrack. Yesterday after Bowl-A-Roma a bunch of skaters were hanging out at a chinese restaurant bar. I asked several of them their opinion on ‘Chariots of Fire’ and they suggested to stay away from that song, it’s too epic. So I did and my mind wondered to Rick James.

The Rick James song I’ve been listening on my Iphone a ton is ‘You and I’ which is an 8 minute song. So I decided my edit needed to be 8 minutes long. Why not. Last night I imported footage from a few sessions onto my computer. About a month ago, Sam invited me up to his Washington Heights spot, and I realized last night that session produced a lot of keepers.

For the rest of it, I simply reused some footage from other edits. My process was simply showing a few tricks or lines of either Sam, Simon, Mike B or myself and then rotate to another skater. I know the first two minutes are a little self absorbed, with my knee history, and showing the landed frontside shuv-it. But I hope the rest of it is a good tribute to my friends for making this year such a good skate year.

The title ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ I read in the comment section of one of the New York Times articles on aging skaters. It was meant as a put down for old people that think they can fly by skating or doing other immature activities. But I take ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ as a motto, stay young in body and mind as long you can!

Lastly, soon I’ll make an entry with nice photos of my experience with the epic Bowl-A-Rama this past weekend. I had a wonderful and memorable weekend.

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