Mallisonwhat proudly presents, ‘capturing a moment, skart impossible.’

Sometimes it takes a day to reflect on one’s creative product. Actually this clip is not that deep or hard to explain.  Also to state how not serious I am about this clip I’ll admit I edited the clip while my roommate and his friend watched Monday night football.

Yesterday, which was November 12, 2012, and not Veteran’s Day I skated with my friend Julian at Flushing Meadows. On the edit I think I made the typo on the date because I was off of work on Monday because of the holiday. We skated for almost two hours.

Julian asked me if I wanted to film anything, and I thought maybe an impossible would be cool to film. It took me like five tries but I got one. This is kind of a circus trick and was popular around 1991, and it’s not done as much these days. I think the impossible and the tre flip came into popularity around the same time. The tre flip won for longevity and style. Tre flips are better than impossibles, hands down.  Tre flips are hard for me, and impossibles seem easier. But I don’t do impossibles a lot, I bust maybe one a session, and I don’t do them that fast.

After that I wanted to get a line. This was the line: kickflip, nollie fs shuv-it, fs shuv-t, nollie fs 180, fakie kickflip, switch fs shuv-it, fakie bs bigspin, and then whatever.

I tried to call out that I’d get my line the first try, and wasn’t able to do the first trick on that first try. Concerning that, the quote from Thomas Edison is false in case you were wondering. On my second or third attempt I kept going of a step off for the fs shuv-it and got as far as the fakie kickflip, then the camera died. I need to erase clips off of my camera before I film more.

I’ll keep this short, this blog post is just trying to keep the mallisonwhat online stuff all underneath one umbrella. One and the same!


Coming soon, the benefits and pitfalls of business cards for this blog.


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