Workout Goal 523 and Why Millions are Related to Elvis Presley


For two days in a row now I ran. Each was simply for twenty minutes down and back on a residential road near my apartment.  I will not say I did it with ease, but being able to stay at it for twenty minutes without stopping to walk or for a breather means the regular skating this year has kept me at a decent level of fitness.

To change gears a little bit, my blog has become more viewed because I’m writing on topics that people would search. Family and friends know that for a long time I would write out my activities or my goals. This type of diary or personal writing does not have a widespread appeal, and is why I don’t do it as much. But it can be beneficial to write out goals, and to think over the goals so that you come up with a version that is attainable. So briefly I’m going to write out my workout goals, and then end the entry with something else entirely.

2012 by far has been the best skateboard year for me in at least a decade. I have a crew of friends and we are all really supportive of each other. I’m improving and I’m seeing my friends improve. I’m going to keep the skating up even if it means traveling to Long Island or Jersey for indoor parks on weekends if we have a winter this year. But without a set nightspot nearby, I think skating 2 to 3 times a week is realistic and more than that would be a challenge.

For running however, I just need to put on my running shoes, walk out the door, and go. As I increase to 30 and then 40 minutes I’m sure I can figure out various routes.  Around the year 2001 I started to train for the Toledo marathon that is held each year in April. Thinking back as it got within a few months and I added on miles and days per week I became less consistent with it. After 2 to 3 years of running about 20 to 30 miles a week, when I went to running 6 days a week and increasing millage I started to falter.  My peak was running 16 miles in a snowstorm after a week of not running much. That night I went out for a night of drinking and chain smoking. I ended up getting the worst chest cold of my life, and have never been consistent with running since then.

So now the plan will be different, with the goal of median distance running. My focus is skating, but I’ll run 4 times a week, because that averages out more days running per week than not running, and it’s not excessive.  I can run 20 minutes already, and in a few weeks I hope to be at 30 minutes.  By mid winter I would be happy if I could run for 50 minutes 4 times a week. I would slim up from that for sure.

So the goal is run 4 times a week, and skate 2 to 3 times a week.  Once I get fit I could run and skate on the same days, but that won’t be immediate. I think focusing on physical activity is good for me right now.

And now for something completely different:

Apparently Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977. Out of that date the most important aspect is the year, 1977.  Double seven, snake eyes, year of the snake, and despite the catchiness saying it out loud is an odd number. Several things must have happened that year, but as far as pop significance Elvis Presley’s death was the news.

Everyone has heard Presley’s songs, and most appreciate it as quality music.  Some people latch on to the young Elvis and some like the white jump suit flare of 70’s Elvis.

I, among with millions of others, was born in 1977. Everyone born in 1977 has a piece of Elvis in his or soul. I truly believe that. Actually I don’t believe that, but in my teen years or early twenties I came up with this nonsense and have put various spins on that fantasy ever since.

I never claimed to be grounded in reality.

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