2013 Matthew Allison Facebook Challenge


A few weeks ago I got a quirky idea for the new year of 2013 and I shared it on a status post on facebook.  It directly affects my friends on facebook so I threw it out there, and I got a few likes and comments.  I post on facebook everyday, so I think this will be a different way to keep it fresh and fun.

On facebook updates you can tag your friends, or include them on a post you write. I noticed I had around 365 friends, and I now have 370. That is very close to the 364 days of the year. So my plan is simple. Everyday of 2013 I will write a post highlighting how I met or know a particular friend.  I think about 10 or so people on my friends feed I really don’t know that well. And there might be some people on there that I don’t really know because they are private people. Also I’m not sure if I’ll do this for organizations, companies, and shops. So I might not have exactly 364 friends for each day, but it’s worth a try.  A good rule of thumb for this is to be PG in my posts, and make it all positive. Hopefully people will enjoy the shout out.

In 2012 I added quite a lot of facebook friends because my skate network in NYC expanded greatly. But I think the popularity of facebook is declining some, so I don’t predict gaining a lot more facebook friends, so who knows. I do think I’ll be able to post about most of the people on my facebook feed.

And this is what the post will look like:

(Over 365 friends, one tagged and written about each day of 2013!)  ____Name___ -then a sentence or two—

Lastly, facebook posts friends alphabetically by first name, so I think keeping track of the posts will be easy.

3 thoughts on “2013 Matthew Allison Facebook Challenge

  1. Matt — this is an interesting idea – good luck – have fun!

  2. Thanks Brinda. Happy New Year to you too!

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