2013, anything is possible to a slightly deluded mind


My usual New Year’s Resolutions goes something like this (everyone please forgive me for the following paragraph):

In late January I win the biggest lottery in American history, quickly putting me in the limelight of the paparazzi.  Instead of resting on my new wealth I start a publishing company.  I write a book and hand select 10 amazing authors. I find the new quality literary generation that will set the course of literature for the next forty years. While doing this in May my skateboard skills increase considerably, and I win several pro skate competitions amazing the whole industry. How can someone in his mid thirties come into the pro ranks and dominant everything stylistically and poetically? Skateboarding will never be the same. Sometime midsummer I pick up a guitar, and all the sudden I can play, and I can play like no one else. A new sound is created, and I create a record label around it and set my musical legacy.  All the major magazines and television hosts say I’m the best thing that happened to the world since electricity was invented. In the encyclopedia there will be over 6 pages dedicated to me and the entry will end that I brought in the new sexual revolution by curing all current and future STDs. This all starts in 2013!———————

I have a problem with daydreaming. Sometimes it is drivel and unproductive.  I don’t know if it stems that I liked the Richie Rich comics as a kid, but my imagination goes haywire.  Some people say that ‘s okay, and one should never give up on one’s dreams, but I don’t know.  I think to be borderline delusional in one’s expectations can’t be the best thing and in a lot of cases can lead to being let down when the fantastical riches don’t come about.  So in 2013, I’ll keep my daydreaming schemes to myself and have 3 plan attainable goals.

Here they are:

  1. Physical. 

I need to get in shape. I think a combination of running and skateboarding can do this.  So far this winter I’ve had 2 chest colds, so I may try to invest in a running mask.  For running it probably would help to wear a mask and not continually breath in the cold air.  For skating on Wednesday I was out for 2 hours, and the next day the cold came back. So for skating, I’ll get style points for wearing a mask. Why not?

If I were fit I’d be at least 65 percent more attractive to the female species. I know that is kind of a false incentive, but it makes sense. I just got back into online dating and notice I just scan the photos based on attractiveness, I think everyone does. If I want a skinny attractive woman, I should be attractive myself. But over 10 years ago when I was a serious runner, weighed only 150, and was in good shape I didn’t became a player. So I know getting in shape to date more is a false incentive but it is still relevant.

The main reason for getting in shape is to skate better. For whatever reason I’ve always appreciated people that have athletic skill, that excel in some way at the sport they choose.  Skating is the only thing I can possible be good at, and I like it immensely. If I got better that could only make me feel better, and build up my confidence.

I can get in shape, and people do so all the time.

  1. Finances

I started 2012 with no credit card debt and a decent amount of savings.  I ended 2012 with no savings and kind of substantial credit card debt.  This can be achieved by just having some restraint on just a few things in my life. I’m going to keep this section brief as it depresses me.

  1. Work

Librarianship most likely will be my career. I might as will do my best at it, and not take it for granted.

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