Facebook Challenge Update: January Went Well!


Sometime in December I planned out a year commitment of facebook status updates by me. I noticed that I had about 370 facebook friends, and that is close to one per day for a year. My idea was to tag and write about a different friend each day of the year. So I’m happy to report I followed through and posted 30 out of 31 days in January.

Each post starts like this: (Over 365 facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!)


Here is what the first two looked liked, I’m sure both Aaron’s would be okay with me posting this.  But I deleted everyone’s last names, just in case.———-


Matthew (me)

January 1 near Rego Park


(Over 365 facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013) AARON is the brother of my roommate and a good friend of mine. He’s set up with a good software tech job but has a literary disposition as well. He and his whole family are good people and super nice!


January 2nd



Wednesday near New York


(Over 365 facebook friends, one tagged each day of the year 2013.) I met AARON at Woodward skate camp in 1992, and he lived in Toledo where I happened to be moving to that summer. For the next few years we skated, he was a tech dog too. Aaron doesn’t post much of facebook, but when he does it’s funny, and he’s a really good DJ I’ve heard.

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Wednesday at 1:00pm via mobile · Like

MATTHEW I’m writing about all my facebook friends this year in status updates, one per day. Watch out Chasaty C is not early on in the alphebet.
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CHASATY Oh poo it better be good lol
Wednesday at 1:02pm


–So after a few posts I got some feedback from some of the people I tagged, and also from other facebook friends.  My friend Simon was really nice and said he likes reading them, they are like many biographies.  I do feel that I am figuring out the friendships I’ve had in my life while doing this and it’s only been a month.

In this month, one day I did not post, as I was busy. Also I skipped 4 of my facebook friends.  Two went to my high school. One of these persons was two years older, and other one was two years younger. Neither of them post on facebook, and I could not really associate them with anything. One person I think worked at my library system, and I’m not even sure if I met that person. Lastly, I’m a friend of the Arverne Library, and I decided not to tag places even if I like them. So not doing 5 per month, if that is an average means in the full year, I could skim up to 60 friends. I already added a few friends this year, but I think I’m safe to miss a day once in awhile. Or I risk finishing this up in October, not that it matters much, but it would be nice to have it be as close to a year as possible.

The order I’m getting my friends is alphabetical by first name. It comes up easily on my cell phone that way, and then I think it over and post on a computer because tagging is easier that way.  Now that January is over, the whole month was people’s who’s name start with A. Strangely, tomorrow on February 1st the B’s will start.

Lastly this has been a positive way for me to keep facebook fresh. I’m basically shouting out to friends each day.  For me this is good, to acknowledge and appreciate my friends on here, when it’s so easy to simply self promote and be selfish on social media.

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