Statement of Blogging Routinely Even If……


Throughout this week I did not formulate any solid opinion or think of much of anything blog worthy. So I’ll keep this entry short and maybe experiment with shorter paragraphs. (Why Not?) Basically I’m writing this now because blogging is part of my routine and I’m now focused on living a routine based life.

Surprisingly when I think about it, in these past four months since Storm Sandy hit the east coast, I have been writing regularly in my blog. Averaging weekly I’ve written about skateboarding, libraries, literature, and some personal entries. My statistics, although not incredibly elevated, are higher than a year ago.

I wrote recently about how I stopped reading during the four months after Storm Sandy. I’m happy to report that this past week I’ve read everyday. Now I’m on my fourth book for the month of February.

Spending nights at home has made regular reading possible, and I think I’m sleeping better from bedside reading as opposed to late night computer usage.  Also I grocery shopped one night, and have liked simply taking it easy while at home.  One goal of mine is to stay in most nights, read, and in general be more frugal. Soon, I hope to add skateboarding and exercise to my routine, but I still want it simple.

Sometimes I get frustrated with my blog from lack of comments or feedback. But to my credit I did build something with it, and have improved as a writer because of it. Even though no one would look at the majority of them, I now have 180 entries. Since I’m wordy with most of my entries, this is easily enough to fill a book. This blog is now part of my history.

Through persistence I am a writer, but I need to continue to practice.  Like the other positive aspirations in my life, I need to regularly write. I need to write blog entries week in and week out even if ideas and topics don’t come easily.  If I’m able to make this consistent over a long term I’ll be more successful the next time I attempt a novel or fiction.

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