February Update: Tagging a Facebook Friend Each Day


Overall, in February for my facebook project I skipped a total of 5 people.  For those that don’t know I’m posting and tagging a friend in a update each day. I decided to do this because I noticed in December I had about 365 friends, similar to the number of days in a complete year. Each month I’ll give an update of how the posts went.

My posts all start like this: (Over 365 facebook friends, one tagged each day in 2013!) ____________

My reasons for skipping 5 people in February included not registering a few people with any memories. One was a skate company event thing that I didn’t know the people involved. Unfortunately one person passed away. Even though I met the guy once and had a good impression, I decided not to post on his wall.  Also I missed 2 days. One was Valentine’s Day and one was a lazy Sunday.  So with my goal to post about a facebook friend each day of the year I am now ahead of my schedule by 3 posts.  Looking back at my January post I also skipped about 3 people.  Doing the math perhaps not correctly I think in the future if I skip a person, I should skip a day.  I’d like this to end in December for the full magnificent affect of the whole thing.

Basically I’m glad I’m doing this.  I keep the posts all positive, and it’s a way for me to shout out to friends from my distant past, my recent past, and today. One of my high school classmates commented something like, ‘that’s very PG.’ Not all of my facebook friends post regularly so in some cases I don’t know their current situation.  So I want to do something they enjoy, and pass on good energy.

I got several likes, and comments back.  For some I received no feedback.  I have not received any negative feedback.  No one erased the posts or asked me to not tag them or anything. Also, I don’t think anyone has deleted me to avoid my eventual post.  For me that’s a triumph to mostly be appreciated by my friends I post about, to be understood that I’m doing this to highlight my friendships, and that I appreciate all my friendships.  Also some friends have encouraged me by commenting and liking posts about mutual friends, or some cases people they do not know.

Lastly, this has kept facebook fresh for me, and I hope to strengthen my communications and bonds with my friends on there because of this project.




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