Two Writing Triumphs and Tweet Cred from Queens Library and Skateistan


At the risk of tooting my own horn, I’ve had a few good things happen to me regarding my online writing in the past week.   I’ll start with I wrote a blog for work, that was on the Queens Library website. I’ve written some about work before, so I should link it here. I wrote out a draft, and Jeremy Walsh of the Government & Community Department gave me about five points he wanted me to elaborate on. I wrote responses to each concern and gave it back to him. So my writing on this was edited, and the result is really good. In my opinion it’s a piece for me to be proud of, and it documents what I went through working after Storm Sandy in the Rockaways. I’m going to try to write more for work, as I see it as a good chance to find out expectations for writing that is carefully reviewed.

Here’s the link to my contribution to the Queens Library website:

On that webpage I liked it on facebook and I retweeted it on twitter. Someone in charge of twitter at my library system, (I think I know who it is, but I’m not sure) ‘favorited’ my tweet. So that is a kind of a recognition even though I’m not sure what the ‘favorited’ feature on twitter is exactly. I bring up twitter to highlight my other accomplishment with writing in the past week.  My last blog entry was a review of the Skatestan documentary recently released on Itunes. When I posted my entry to twitter I simply added @skateistan, and #skateistan along with a few other things. The @ symbol in twitter and instagram is like messaging or alerting that user to your post. Since I started using instagram, I find twitter easier to use, and I’ve posted more too.

To my surprise and delight Skateistan retweeted my post so it showed on their own twitter page. On facebook Skateistan also liked my post. I enjoyed that they noticed my review. Both my Queens Library and Skateistan recognitions are shown in the screenshot photo on top of this blog.

I believe this is a lesson of sorts for social media. Before I would just post my blog link on twitter and didn’t get much out of it. Since I write about topics including people and institutions, it might be worth the time to tweet correctly, and maybe the people I blog about will pass it along. I think celebrities even in the skateboarding world might not keep up with twitter enough to expect a reply in all cases. This week shows however that non-profit institutions like Queens Library and Skateistan do keep up with attempts at people contacting them through social media. And I now have extra motivation to keep on writing!

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