5 days of skate staycation results in three epic edits!


This will possible have the fewest words of any of my blog entries.  No worries, as this will not be a trend. I will continue to post entries hovering around the 1000 word mark, and perhaps longer. But I need to read tonight and can’t spend the time on an entry. Basically my skate staycation was a success. Here are the three edits that I produced this week with my new camera. See last week’s blog posts about my longterm goals with the camera. In the meantime here are the edits:

1. Midtown Madness 3 27 13.

We skated for about three hours in midtown wednesday night. We played around more with filming while skating the streets. Each of us got some tricks to be proud of. Simon got an ollie up a high picnic table, Sam got the table wally to down a 3 stair, and I got a kickflip down a different 3 stair. It was a fun night!


2. 21 flatground tricks and some extra.

This was the day after the day I skated for 6 hours, so I was sore. I met my friend JP came out and after a little bit of warmup, I set up a tripod. My new camera records for up to 25 minutes at a time. I set it up and pressed record. It was easy enough to guess the line of vision for the camera, and it captured each trick I landed. One distraction was a little kid in the unisphere grabbed the camera, and I yelled at the kid. Then the kid’s mother yelled at him and he cried. Also my friend JP left because he hurt his knee slightly. Perhaps I’m a jerk for staying to film my own skating, I think I’m turning more narcissistic daily. After the first 25 minutes, because of the kids, and the appearance of scooter teens, I relocated to a more remote part of the park. About ten minutes after setting up the tripod, it started to rain. I am going to do this in fall when I’m much better, and choose a clear day that I can film for a solid 75 minutes.


3. Slow mo for the sake of slow-mo, an easter parody

On Sunday the crew met earlier than usual and went straight the this bump spot in the park on Chrystie street. We always have fun here. Simon likes the ‘HS’ feature on the camera that records in clear slow motion. We used it so much, when we showed it to our friend Erick later at Motor City, he suggested making an edit entirely in slow motion. That is exactly what I did. Some of the tricks were filmed in slow motion, and some I put to 50% slow motion in Imovie.  We all got good stuff. Sam really focused for the shuv it over the knee high log, and the kickflip over the log on the side. I’m glad I got the switch 180 over the log, and I got a switch kickflip quickly.  I think I need to do more impossibles, I think if I did them daily, I could get them really good. Simon’s melancholy’s and one foots look sick in slow mo. Putting music to it, I like the song, Unknown Soldier, by The Doors. The only reason I have the minute long credits is so the song can play out.

Doing these little edits is helping me learn editing. I think I’m getting better with each one. That’s all for know, and I promise to have a legitimate blog entry on a topic tomorrow night!

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