2 Youtube Clips and Some Sage Observations

In the constant effort to keep all the mallisonwhat online posts together and coherent here I’ll briefly talk of my two recent youtube edits. The playing around with everything in slow motion is still going on. For both I went hippy retro with the music, first with Joplin and then Zappa. I’m getting better with the edits, and I’ll keep tinkering with them until June, when I’ll stop posting and hoard the footage in an attempt to make a full length video.  To film from June through December would be a buildup of 7 months of footage. I’m optimistic the results will be good.

I’m confident a long edit will be good, because we are all improving, and we are not showing signs of slowing down. I’m 35, Simon is 39, and Sam is 38, but we are skating with friends that are skating into their 40’s. Also, the winter, although tougher than the previous year, did not really affect our progress. So we are starting this season better than we were last season.

For myself I’m realizing I got years of skating left in me.  Sam and Simon have much better ollies than I do, and are older. So my ollie has nothing to do with my age, so there is hope with practice I can get my ollies hip height like a champ.  I know of three friends that are 42, and are good.  I think the reason I’m skating mostly with guys older than myself is how popular skating was in the late 1980’s, and how it died down in the early 1990’s. So I was 15 in 1992 and am nostalgic for the flip and tech tricks.  But in 1988 there were many more skaters at around age 15 that now are nostalgic for ramp riding. I think skating into the late teens makes it more likely people would continue or get back into skating as an adult. That makes me believe that there might be more 40 year old skaters right now than 35 year old ones.

However, now it’s simply skating for the fun of it, age, style and shape of the board one rides does not matter.

2 thoughts on “2 Youtube Clips and Some Sage Observations

  1. Great little observation – you might just be the first literary historian of the fine art of rolling on a stunt-wood.

  2. Thanks Simon. Perhaps this is worth elaborating. I can call the in depth opinion blog entry ‘The 35 year old versus 40 year old divide in today’s skateboarding.’

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