Four to Three, or Three to Four Skateboard Running Ratio Workout Plan


I’m losing on two counts with even writing this blog entry. First off, I’m starting at 10:30 on a Friday night. Who reads blogs on Friday nights, or Saturdays or Sundays for that matter? If one decides to blog on a weekly basis and can only post during the evenings, I suggest Tuesday evenings so the entries are available for the masses bored at work early hump day mornings or Wednesdays. So for this entry the timing could not be worse.  My second failing is that I’m writing about a personal goal.  Sorting through almost four years of my own blog statistics, I have learned when I write about myself no one really cares, and nor should they. What I need to do is write on a solid topic each week, and write about things people search about. BUT, over a week has passed since I wrote anything. Making blogging a routine and posting regularly trumps the actual quality of the content. So I will tell of my current workout scheme that makes sense to me.

Over Christmas my parents gave me money to purchase my own running shoes. I did so and they sat in the box in my room until this week. Granted I did have about three colds or flus this winter so I shouldn’t be too hard on myself, but those shoes sat in the shoebox way too long.  With skating I think I have a good fitness level to start at, but I definitely can improve my fitness and wellbeing. So I plan to make running a routine and a part of my life again.

Since my focus is skateboarding, I think running can only help my skating. Running does two things, it makes your weigh less, and it makes your legs stronger. Around 2000 I did both skating and running, and weighed my lightest as an adult at 140. For maybe a season before I had a sprained ankle I could ollie and switch ollie a lot higher, and I had a good bag of tech tricks.  I was running a lot, my runs averaged from 5 to 10 miles, and I was aiming to do the 2001 Toledo, Ohio marathon. I got a chest cold about two months before the race and for whatever reason I’ve been inconsistent with exercise ever since.

Right now I do not have any plans or ambitions to run a marathon. I admire everyone that takes the time and has the discipline to do one, but working full time and skating I don’t have time for that. My plan is much more simple. I would like to run three to four times a week. Maybe I could set aside Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings to run. If I miss a run I need to make sure to make the next one. So many times with exercise I miss a day, then a few days, then a week, and I end up stopping. For me it’s a consistency issue, but I think running three to four times a week is manageable. This week, I ran three evenings and it went well. I did not time it but from a similar distance ran last December I think I’m running around twenty minutes. I’ll be at around that timeframe for at least a few weeks. Eventually I’ll go longer, but once I get to fifty minutes per run, I’ll simply try to go faster.

Also I want to skate three to four times a week as well. So nights I don’t run, I can try to skate somewhere local, or go to a spot. Now that spring is here, the weather is going to be the best for the NYC area. On my days off I’ll skate. In the past month with my friends, we’ve been skating sessions lasting four or more hours. That is good practice, and I plan to dedicate a large portion of my days off to skating. In addition to my days off I’ll try to skate one or two evenings a week.

If I accomplish this as a routine this spring and summer I’ll be happy, and it’ll mean I’m active most days. As kids going to school they get recess daily so they can run around and play. I think adults also should be active and move regularly.

If you read this in it’s entirety I thank you, and promise my next entry will not be self absorbed drivel, or it will be less so!


4 thoughts on “Four to Three, or Three to Four Skateboard Running Ratio Workout Plan

  1. Hey Matt people like following bloggers that track how they achieve personal goals – who does not like a grueling journey that ends in uplifting success?! But your skating blogs might have a wider reach I agree. Best wishes as you run onward. Good luck!!!

  2. Thanks Brinda.
    I think the most important thing is to post regularly. So I’ll try to post once a week, even if finding a topic that regularly is difficult.

  3. Thanks for this. I totally agree about needing to stay active as an adult. I’ve been skating since 1999 and it seemed like my skating could get better if I tried other forms of exercise. So started running trails and doing push ups and pull ups. What I like that you said was that your Ollie and switch Ollie got higher and I thought oh ya because your strengthening both legs and hips. in addition I noticed the other day I was at the skate park for around 4hrs and it didn’t even seem that long. So my time spent skating almost doubled from most other days.
    Well thanks again!

  4. Thanks for reading Gabe. I’m now into two weeks of running, and hope that I consistenly run from now on. I’m unable to skate everyday, but with running, I’m hoping being active most days can only help.

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