The Curb Dog Interviews, an ongoing series.


Dear readers,

The Curb Dog Interviews are a natural progression for mallisonwhat productions.  I guess it came about in early April skating Long Island City with Julian Pozzi and Simon Heath. I joked around and said, we should stop by Julian’s studio and Simon can interview him extensively. I didn’t think much of it, and then on Slappy Sunday on April 21st Simon brought up the idea.  He grabbed Ronnie and sat under the cube. I pressed record, and that’s when the magic happened. Simon is a natural at interviewing, and these came out great. Above I have the interviews by Simon of Ronnie Seward, Eugene Kang, Scottie Schwartz, and Julian Pozzi. And the last when I interview Simon. I believe I have about 6 more from that day and the following week. So soon, there will be edits of interviews with Alex Corporan, Erick Colon, Gizzie Collado, myself, a random Amish teen on a mission who used to skate, Peter Pabon, and a super short one with Austrialian Luke. Hopefully we’ll continue to make edits through spring and summer.

After my first edit of Ronnie, Simon told me to put skating in and images throughout the edit to make it more interesting. On the third edit I figured out how to do that with the help of Simon. So this is a learning process, and an important one.  What I need to be concerned about when filming is the background noise. I’m sure there are a lot more things to learn, but it’s a fun process. Interviewing is a key part of film making, and if we ever have enough footage for a full video it will be great to take soundbites from these interviews.  Lastly I’m so happy that I have a good core group of skate friends that are willing to be interviewed for fun, but also to force me to learn more editing stuff.



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