The no Carb…….onated Diet!!!


One could take facts and research into consideration when making lifestyle changes. But a decision can be that more gratifying if the person in question has an ownership or created the lifestyle change on his own. So without the hardship of looking through books, newspapers, magazines, or online searches I present to you my dear reader of, a change for the better, and my copyrighted diet/lifestyle change.

Years ago, I realized one of my addictions was soda, the bubble sugar treat available everywhere beverages are sold. I noticed when I drank soda I had a sizable gut and was irregular.  Over ten years ago my sister gave me her copyrighted and simple diet to limit fried foods and sugar as much as possible. In combination of compulsive running I lost weight with that diet. Only to regain it back once I stopped compulsive running and when I slacked on the diet. But for those interested my sister’s copyrighted diet of limiting fried food and sugars as much as possible does work.

When I backslide into soda consumption again, I theorized without researching that the bubbles or carbonation in soda are bad.  In my skinny days following my sister’s copyrighted diet I drank iced tea, put sugar in my coffee, and for years avoided soda.  The health wizards may be correct that the sugar content is the problem, but if you say no carbonation, you automatically limit a lot of bad choices wherever beverages are sold. So instead of a soda pick a lemonade, iced tea, juice, or if you can stomach the redundancy drink water most of the time.

As a true socio-intellectual-anthro researcher of the highest caliber I took my thesis to facebook. Alarmingly not everyone agreed that carbonation was bad, and multiple participants said in unison, ‘it’s the sugar stupid.’  One standout participant hailing from central Queens said, ‘if you’re concerned about carbonation, you better stop drinking beer.’ On consideration, participant residing in central Queens is correct, not only is soda carbonated, beer is also carbonated.

So now the diet is now complete.  It is a total ban on carbonation. Soda and beer both need to be stopped. For me these two beverage vices are separate and entirely consumed for different reasons. In fact, accept for the occasional splurge of a rum and coke, I’ve never associated the two together. But soda and beer are very much brothers, carbonated devil brothers, with the pursuit of making dudes fat. Just like there are alternatives for soda, there are alternatives for beer. I myself just turned 36 and I am basically approaching 40, so turning to wine is a very easy and respectable next step for me. Or I can simply choose hard liquor with options like whisky, vodka, rum, tequila, grain alcohol, and moonshine. This might make the next few years interesting. But remember for this diet if you go with mixed drinks, you can’t have any carbonated beverages. No soda of any kind, even seltzer water is carbonated. The participant on facebook was right, if one says no carbonation, it includes all carbonated beverages. So no soda, beer, and choose wisely on mix drinks.

Of coarse the diet won’t work without a few other factors, but I’ve limited these factors to just two things, making the whole diet just three things to consider. First limit sugar and fried foods. Look if you eat an orange you consume sugar, so an outright ban is impossible. And I don’t recommend diet crap, just be careful as what you choose, perhaps that fried tootsie roll was not necessary.  Second, one has to move and exercise. I need to skateboard and run regularly, consistently week after week, month after month, and year after year.

Here is a recap of diet, and simplicity is key.

  1. Do not drink-carbonated beverages of any kind. No soda, beer, and be careful of mixed drinks.
  2. Limit sugar and fried foods.  Be aware if what you consume has a lot of sugar and avoid fried foods as much as possible.
  3. Exercise compulsively and regularly.

There is my well thought out diet with no hassles of researching or verifying information. I’ll try to follow my game plan and I’ll report with a shirt off picture in December 2013 if it works!


1 thought on “The no Carb…….onated Diet!!!

  1. I enjoyed this one very much 🙂

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