200th Blog Post, Reason For First Ever Mallisonwhat.com Giveaway


Dear readers,

In August 2009 I started mallisonwhat.com with very high expectations.  Although I’m not a rockstar in the blogging world, I proudly state that this is my 200th blog post.  Getting at this feat a few months shy of the four-year mark, means I am averaging about once a week.  52 weeks in a year, and multiplying that by 4 you get a little over 200. I’m glad this blog proves I can be consistent when I set my mind to it. My writing has improved because of this blog, and my tech skills are better.  In celebration of my 200th blog post I am introducing my first giveaway ever. This giveaway is completely free to interested readers and there is no deadline. Basically it’ll run while supplies last.

There are 2 packages I’ll send out for this. Everyone will get at least an envelope. Contained in this envelope will be a handwritten letter that may or may not be easy to read. A drawing will be included. Lastly there will be 3 of my blog business cards. Also on every envelope I send out I will include my return address. So the option for every participant will be they could write me back. And that way we can start to be pen pals. Think about it, every generation of writers until the current one kept a correspondence with writers they knew. Handwritten letters are much different than emails.

My second package has much more, and will be for 1 in 10 participants. For luck I’ll make it each participant that lands on a 6 in the single digits will get this elaborate care ‘winner’ package.  So participants 6th, 16th, 26th, 36th, and so forth will get this care package.  The letter, drawing, and business cards will be in there. Also a limited mallisonwhat.com t-shirt will be included in the giveaway. Since I’m going digital I will also include either a used skateboard DVD, or a used music CD for fun. Also I will include a surprise item, this could be things like used skate wheels or a whole bunch of other eccentric things. I will try to make the surprise item weird, random, but not offensive. Before I send out this package I’ll contact for t-shirt size and preference for either a skate DVD, or a music CD.

All anyone has to do to participate is to email me an address to send either the envelope or the ‘winner’ package.  Email me the address to mallisonwhatblog@gmail.com . I promise not to give the emails to any third parties.  Mallisonwhat so far is not profitably in anyway, but I’m hoping putting some of my money into it for t-shirt giveaways, and taking the time to pen pal will create more interest in this blog.

Lastly, I’m going on vacation for a week, so when I get back I’ll review my gmail inbox and hopefully start mailing during the week that starts June 3rd.


Matt Allison, writer and creator of mallisonwhat.com

4 thoughts on “200th Blog Post, Reason For First Ever Mallisonwhat.com Giveaway

  1. On this new premium theme I’m having a hard time finding the edit link. Anyway in the second to last paragraph I meant that I would not give the emails AND addresses to any third parties.

  2. Congratulations on your 200th post- have fun with this cool giveaway idea 🙂 Did you find that edit button?

  3. Thanks Brinda. No I haven’t found the edit button. I think with premium themes you have tech support. So after I get back from vacation I’ll try to call or figure it out. Now I need to do a few other things and pack! Thanks for reading!

  4. I gave away all of the T-shirts, so I guess this contest is over. I’m sending out 2 packages tomorrow for people that emailed me. I can still send a letter, drawing, and business cards to anyone that emails me their address.

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