3 edits, and a goal to edit a promo in September

Dear skate bros and readers,

For the sake of unifying all mallisonwhat social media outlets, here are the three recent individual parts for Sam, Simon, and myself. These are made with footage reused from our montage clips. I now officially put this footage in the vaults and will not be reusing it for any other edits. These clips showcase our skating from spring 2012 to spring 2013.

I went on vacation and things got a little more complicated, not overly complicated, but I did some thinking. Now I’m inspired to write a novel next fall and winter. To get to that point I believe I’ll need to dedicate most nights to writing. I work full time so I don’t think I’ll be able to write a novel and edit a ton of footage at the same time. Therefore I’m scaling back my editing ambitions.

For the next few weeks, and continually I’ll do the interview edits, they are good practice and take less time than the skate edits.  At some point soon I’ll film skating. I feel it’s been a slack month skating for me. I feel I need to get skate more and better.

Hopefully I’ll get my mojo back by mid June and from then to September I’ll film Sam, Simon, myself and others. However I won’t post clips regularly. By September it’ll be more material to work with, compared to edits after each session. However it will be less footage as opposed to filming until winter. This means it will be shorter, I’m thinking the length will be in the category of long promo instead of full length video.

Sorry if anyone wanted to take part in a longer project, but this focus makes sense to me.



2 thoughts on “3 edits, and a goal to edit a promo in September

  1. Keen to read the novel!!!

  2. Thanks Simon. Need to write it first! Ha!

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