10 Reasons Old Curb Dogs Should Participate in Go Skateboarding Day NYC 2013


IMG_0392_1IMG_0393_1Apparently not every older skate dude is into the idea of Go Skateboarding Day in NYC. Various reasons include too many damn kids, large crowds, and they prefer to skate anywhere else at any other time with friends.  Basically Go Skateboarding Day is larger than the individual, so here are my top 10 reasons to take part in NYC Go Skateboarding Day. I base this off my experience from last year, and in general being stubborn in my opinions.

  1. On Go Skateboarding Day every skater is a rock star, it is not only for pros,  or only for semi pros, but everyone that likes to put his or her feet on a skateboard and ride.
  2. Being at a park with thousands of participants brings on a huge energy, every skate fan is pumped to be there, and the pros put on a good demo.
  3. There are three official events on Go Skate Day. Flushing Meadows at noon, LES at 3 pm, and a secret location at 7 pm.   Try to go to at least one to see the energy of the skating, and see if you like it. I plan to go to the LES portion, and maybe the 7 pm location.
  4. Try also to get a mellow session at a curb, spot, or other skate park. At the end of the day it’ll be a good feeling to get a decent session in. I’m planning to skate the NYC Slappy Sunday spot (Astor Square) with some of the crew before going down to LES.
  5. The temperature for Friday will only hit a high of 81 degrees. That sounds perfect compared to the scorcher last year on Go Skateboarding Day 2012.
  6. Paul Rodriguez is taking part in the Nike demos.  I’ve seen him on tour three times in NYC, and he’s the smoothest skater I’ve ever seen. And there will be a slew of other pros taking part in the demos.
  7. NY Skateboarding posted on Wednesday night a photo of a skate park being floated in on a barge boat. Is Nike donating a park to NYC? If so, where will it go? Or is this a tease and instead of road tours, they’ll start a river tour? Inquiring minds want to know, and the only way to find out is to go to the 7 pm secret spot demo.
  8. The after parties. Skateboarders have a good camaraderie while skating, and also while drinking.
  9. The after parties.  Woman will be there. So for everyone not hitched yet, this is a good time to get extra points for being a skateboarder with the ladies. I encourage everyone to get the Iphone app that scans and verifies if IDs are legitimate or not.
  10.  Skaters need to be proud of this holiday so other people take notice. I’ve been told to quit skating so many times by loved ones, and various people any chance I get to encourage myself and others to skate I’ll do so. go skate day flyer

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