No Carbonation Diet A Complete Failure and Other TMI


On May 14, 2013, I wrote a well thought out entry called, ‘The No Carb….anoted diet.’ Tonight is June 25, 2013, barely a month and a half later, and I’m here to report my failure. What got me was not avoiding the carbonation in soda, but avoiding the carbonation in beers or more precisely the alcohol beverage alternatives to beer can get ugly.

Wine was fine, seemed to go well with meals, but then I went to hard liquor. The first ugly occurrence was drinking whiskey at a party. This party had pulled pork bbq, some attractive ladies, and was a good time. Drinking straight whiskey is unusual for me. Brooklyn to Queens can be a long commute at night, and let’s leave it at I was glad to get home that night.

Cranberry juice and Vodka got me the second time. I got a call from a friend on a week night to go out. I said sure, and after dinner we walked into a great hill-belly music set.  I was determined not to drink beer, so I ordered cranberry juice and vodkas, one after the other. The band played with the bar participating for at least two hours. I think it was a random great night. But the next day I had the worst hangover of my life, it was downright painful. So part of the new goal is to in general drink less but when I do drink stick to beer and sometimes wine.  The side effects of hard liquor vastly outweigh the side effects of the bubbly carbonation of beer.

Now I’ll add yet another failure, and that involves soda and junk food consumption. I blame getting a cold a few weeks ago. When I’m sick at home I like to drink soda, eat Jello, and have an occasional soup. I recovered quickly and soon I was yet again having sodas for lunch, walking an extra block to Burger King, and just indulging. My diet imploded and I got back to my non-healthy eating ways super quick, like in less than a week. Oh, and I stopped running too.

What does one do when one falls? They get back up and try again. This time I’ll stick to the occasional beer and not experiment with alcoholic beverages.  Secondly I need to stop drinking soda, time and time again soda has proven to be my enemy. Thirdly tomorrow on my day off I’ll clean the apartment some and grocery shop for once, and stop the carry out nonsense. Lastly, if I want to look and feel my best I need to start my running again, and skate as much as possible. If people think I’m being too harsh on myself I’ve believed for a long time one has to be able to evaluate his or her faults in order to progress.


Coming soon—I’ll write up my experience with Go Skateboarding Day/ Weekend in NYC, youtube clip included!

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