Pushing Switch: A No Switch Mongo Update


In January of this year I wrote this blog entry: https://mallisonwhat.com/2013/01/15/rodney-mullens-no-stance-goal-is-lofty-for-the-rest-of-us-no-more-switch-mongo/ .

Now with over 400 views, it is the fifth most viewed entry ever on my site. Obviously this is because of the content regarding the legendary skater Rodney Mullen. Don’t worry I’m not planning to write all my entries on Rodney Mullen in hopes of gaining monstrous view counts. Instead I will update the other topic from that entry, and that is the ‘switch mongo’ topic. The goal was not to push switch mongo. Basically with that entry I decided I would push switch and imitate the proper push but switch stance. Here is an update on my progress, perhaps an unnecessary update, but nothing better is in my brain right now. Remember writing anything once a week, is better than not writing regularly.

First off in some ways I have not progressed.  For my switch kickflips I’m still making about one in thirteen, and they still bounce off the ground as they flip.  I only try switch tre flips as a joke and I am in no way committing. The only trick switch I have consistent is switch frontside shuvs, and that is kind of a baby trick. Maybe not a baby trick but definitely among the first things learned switch for everyone since 1991. My switch ollies may have gotten worse.  On Tuesday night at the BQE I tried to switch ollie a small water bottle and hurt the bottom of my foot. After a few minutes of contemplation I tried the switch ollie over a small bottle again and actually twisted my beer gut in an uncomfortable way. The awkwardness and wrongness of having my gut twisted on something so simple made me done for the night. I simply waited for my friends to finish the session so we could go to the bar nearby.

Now I’ll shy away from the harsh truth and theorize my progress from pushing switch.  The most important thing is that once comfortable pushing switch you set up a lot better and more naturally.  This is true of both switch tricks and fakie tricks.  When I used to push switch mongo, there were a lot of adjustments to be made by my feet.  When you push switch you become way more comfortable riding switch.  Doing flatland tricks switch becomes a lot more comfortable.  Also skating with some speed switch becomes more comfortable. My push is definitely not as strong as my regular push but it’s getting better.   About a month ago a friend of mine was trying a fakie trick with speed, and actually fell on the way because his push was kind of odd. He pushed regularly and then kind of hopped to fakie stance. At the same spot on the same obstacle I could get enough speed for switch and fakie tricks by pushing switch with intent.

To me being more comfortable on the board outweighs the lack of new tricks so far this year.  I heartily recommend pushing switch to every skater that wants to do switch and fakie tricks. I think I’m in an in between stage right now from making this adjustment, and if I skate more I’ll start progressing.

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