Stay on Point. Don’t Make a Misstep into a Major Fall


Losing the battle against distraction is an ongoing struggle for me. Goals are set, time is planned out for said goals, but there is always something to lose my focus on. About a month ago I wrote two blog entries, one on homophobia in skating, and one on quitting drinking. I got attention from both of them, so much so I seem to be racking my brains to produce a blog entry each week with potential for a high view count. So when I saw last week’s Time magazine cover article on more Americans not having kids I thought could I spin that topic.  I’d make it the male point of view and give strong reasons for staying single too. Lots of people would want to read that, I could really ham up a personalized rant on being independent with no dependents I’m sure. However on lunch with my sister she said some loaded topics produce more conversations and not less. So my awkwardness would multiply with even more people dishing out dating and life advice to me.  My sister is completely right, and that leaves me in a rut as to what to write about this week. I will take a huge digression right now and write about myself. By doing so I’m taking several steps backward for compared to the recent progression. I’m okay if the view count is not that high, really I am, sort of. Well, not really, but there is always next week for something better.

Lets start with that no drinking goal. I abstained for a full three weeks. At a coworker’s birthday dinner thursday night I had a glass of wine, it was a healthy pour, maybe a glass and a half. It was enjoyable with the good meal. On Saturday I went to a fundraiser event at The Rockaway Surf Club. It had original surf and skate photos and art, a raffle, and they raised money for a new skate park there. I wanted to stay for the whole event and within an hour I tried the free beer.  A lot of my skate friends from Slappy Sundays were there, and I at least introduced myself to some of the local surfers and skaters. I wanted to be there, but being at a place for four hours is tough while sober. So I drank some, danced some, had a good time, and did not embarrass myself. The next day was Slappy Sunday, and I abstained from drinking that night. Starting now I need to not drink for at least several weeks. But the important thing is if I do have a night out once in awhile, it’s important to curb it at one night. No multiple days in a row, and even once a week is too frequently. Sunday I was really tempted to have a few beers after a good skate session. I think to fall back to drinking three or more nights out a week can happen quickly, so I need to show some restraint.

My skating has been infrequent because of a stubbed toe. I’m feeling very sorry for myself. On Saturday and Sunday I wore a pair of shoes I got in spring, but never wore since they are too big. I figure wearing a large shoe could give the toe more room. On Sunday just goofing a flip trick my toe got aggravated.  I’ll keep skating just to the weekends until my toe feels better. The larger shoes do help, and other than icing I need to just wait it out. I think I’ll need to put my running plans on hold until the toe gets better too. From being less active, I am reading more. On a positive note, I’m almost through with The Naked and the Dead by Norman Mailer. It’s an amazing book, and I’m impressed with myself that I should finish it in only about a three-week period. This World War II classic is over 700 pages.

Since I’m doing all this change with no drinking, healthier eating, and a few other things I’ve been thinking about my finances. I’m going to end this self-absorbed blog entry drivel with yet another goal. I think it can be done. I want to be out of credit debt by the New Year. I’ll spare the numbers and fuzzy math, but it should be completely possible if I’m able to stay true to my lifestyle plan.  My second financial goal is to pay off my student loan debt by my birthday in May. I feel crappy that I’m not able to pitch out a mortgage down payment at this point in my life. I don’t blame the cost of living in New York City.  I blame being an idiot in my spending habits and too many monthly payments. If I could get rid of my credit card and student loan debt the sky is the limit, because I could legitimately save. That’s all for now. Next week I promise to write on some topic, any topic, instead of dishing out personal stuff that no one is really asking for.

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