America, I Apologize!


Dear Nation,

America I am truly sorry for denying my recent youtube clips to my blog readers. Three weeks have past since I posted these clips on youtube, and only I am to blame for not posting them on my blog. All online identities for the same entity should be one and the same. Various sites under the same umbrella should flow and help each other. The mallisonwhat youtube channel is not in competition with the mallisonwhat blog. As the instagram page is not at war with the twitter feed. And the Matthew Allison facebook page is not at odds with the facebook mallisonwhat fan page. I vow to be a more cohesive online persona, and neglect on this level will not happen again on my watch.

I’m going to make this easy for myself by not worrying too much about the youtube channel. I’m glad I tried out filming and photography, but I don’t think I can really take it to the next level.  On my spare time I need to be writing, reading, and skating. One of my facebook friends around my age made a good point that skating time should be focused on skating. If I only get to skate an average of twice a week because of work, I should just skate during that precious time. I shouldn’t spend a lot of time filming others, or expect them to film me.

So if I do make youtube clips I will not be unprofessional and neglect to put them on a blog entry in a timely manner. But I’m a lot less likely to make any youtube clips in the near future. Stating I’ll post clips on my blog if I make them, but also stating I’m not going to make clips is something straight out of modern day Catch 22 novel. I’m reading the Heller classic right now and really kind of despise it. I will finish it though because I’m a trooper and I’m on vacation.

Anyway, stopping the bureaucratic nonsense, here are my latest 3 youtube clips!!!!

Matt Allison

(Dictator of

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