More Neglect on My Part, The Lost Curb Dog Interviews

A few days ago I apologized to America. Today I realized there are quite a few clips on my youtube channel not on my blog site.  So the epidemic of neglect runs deeper than I realized. Perhaps it’s a subconscious lifestyle choice to appear unorganized with my online personas. Whether subconscious or not, improvement needs to be made.

Here are the lost Curb Dog Interview clips. Included are Alex Corporan, Erick Colon, Gizzy Collado, and myself.  For the first time these clips are now on the blog. From May 7th 2013 here are the earlier edits highlighted on my blog, .  That entry included Ronnie Seward, Eugene Kang, Scotty Schwartz, Julian Pozzi, and Simon Heath. These interviews were filmed at Astor Square on Sunday April 21st with Simon Heath interviewing, and later I edited them.  When I get around to it, I’ll finish the few edits left, and we have a lot more dudes to interview if we are so inclined.

Just two days ago I said I was taking a break from filming and editing. Today I rudely interrupted a fun session with Julian Pozzi to film a week 180 transfer. At home I shamelessly put the clip in slow motion in order to make it far more impressive than it actually is. So now I’m keeping my word to be a more responsible online persona, by posting that clip on the bottom of this entry. I think my youtube channel and the blog are synched now, and everything is okay.

Some blogs would simply post the stated youtube clips, but remember at every entry has words!!!! Never forget.

1 thought on “More Neglect on My Part, The Lost Curb Dog Interviews

  1. boom on the frontside (3minutes 30 seconds).

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