Youtube Allows More Full Skate Videos: A Non-Conclusive Study

Here are six full length skate videos on youtube, with the soundtracks in tact! They are gems from the past. Underneath the videos is an attempt at writing near one am in the morning.

Probably from the beginning of youtube in 2005 or whenever, skateboarders could watch parts from old skate videos. Most individual skate parts are around 4 minutes long and that is about the same length as old music videos.  A lot of times the songs are muted on youtube because of lack of copyright or something else. Sometime in the early 90’s when these skate videos were only viewed on VHS, the skate industry ignored copyright and simply used whatever song fit the riders’ and companies’ image. With youtube for years I’ve watched individual parts.

Something changed in the past few years though to allow longer works in general on youtube. Now movie fans can watch movies or documentaries. I’m not doing any research, as it’s late at night and I should not be blogging anyway. But for a long time I couldn’t find anything on youtube over 10 minutes long.

Now that the length allowed on youtube expanded, I’ve noticed more and more skate videos are being posted in their entirety.  They still run into copyright restrictions. I saw that Zero’s ‘Misled Youth’ from 1998 was posted in full. But when I clicked on it, the audio was muted. However, I’m surprised how many full skate videos on youtube are not muted. My educated guess is that most of these videos are being posted on youtube by fans and not the official skate companies. So anyone that posts these has no way of knowing if the music industry will mute the sound, or if the skate companies themselves will ask youtube to block the videos.

I also noticed that most of these videos are a few years old.  Most of the big companies that make new skate videos put them on sale on Itunes. Itunes or the skate industry does a good job keeping the recent videos off of youtube.  For example, could luck trying to find new DGK, Pretty Sweet, Bon Voyage, Death Wish or anything new on youtube.  I believe that is the way it should be, companies need to profit from their recent endeavors.  For videos not new enough to be on Itunes, the ethics gets a little hazy. But if it’s available for free I’ll take a trip down memory lane and watch the skate videos of my childhood, teen years, and adult hood.

I owned the VHS or DVD to all of these embedded youtube skate movies. Right now it’s almost one in the morning so I won’t go into detail about each video. Instead I’ll let anyone interested to leave a comment and we’ll continue the discussion tomorrow or anytime in the future.

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